By Arun Goyal

In the multitude of web browsers, Chrome stands out as the biggest winner. Most of the developers love this browser for a reason. It saves time and enhances their productivity. However, the best feature of Chrome is its extensive library encompassing lots of Salesforce extension. These are inbuilt applications that can improve the functionality of browser. There are many impressive extensions for this platform to simplify the development process. They can be used for deployment in any process related to Salesforce. Here are given the best 10 Google Chrome extensions for this platform:

Salesforce Navigator

If you are willing to find any Salesforce page in a hurry, use this amazing extension to get the job done in a few minutes. All you need to do is type the page or component name and Navigator will take you there instantly. No wonder, it has more than 7000 users and the number is increasing constantly. Even if you intend to build a new record for any object, you will be redirected to that page with a simple click.

Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher

You can locate metadata with lesser clicks by using this extension. It can be utilized to choose the items from metadata pick list, VF pages, classes, or any information related to code coverage. The developer can simply select Apex classes from the dropdown menu and instantly go to the Survey Controller.

Salesforce Admin Check All

This extension enables permissions for a Salesforce Admin. It will check the checkboxes given on the Admin pages making it easier to check them automatically. This reduces the time taken in checking each box manually. Your job will be done with one simple click.

Salesforce Id Paster

When looking to migrate the huge data sets from an internal or external program, you need to copy the same and paste on Salesforce URL for fetching the Id page of that particular record. However, this useful extension minimizes your efforts and redirects the current page using a keystroke. It simplifies the process of data importing.

Record and Metadata Comparator for Salesforce

You can use this extension for comparing two objects or records and highlighting these differences. If you need to check any data mismatch in two separate records, you can select the source record, open the target record, click on the button of Select Target Record. This extension will automatically fetch the complete details of metadata and show the differences by highlighting them appropriately.

Salesforce Inspector

This extension helps in adding the metadata layout on Salesforce UI for simplifying integration, development, and configuration purposes. Inspection of metadata becomes easier and productivity of Salesforce developers increases manifold due to this functional tool.

Salesforce Developer Tool Suite

This extension boasts of effective tool called Debug Log Viewer. You can view the debug logs with two simple clicks without leaving your current tab. All this is done without using any configurations. It presents a hierarchical view of these logs for easy analysis. Also, it simplifies the process of tracking logs for multiple users working on separate tabs of the same window.

Salesforce Search Box

Looking to search a configuration rapidly? Use this extension and save your time. The Search Box will take you to the specific object, class, or trigger simply by typing its name on this extension.

Salesforce API Field Names

As a developer, you must be struggling with the numerous API names. Checking these names is quite daunting. This Chrome extension lists the APIs on the details page and saves your time from being wasted on searching them.

SOQL Extractor and Analyzer for Salesforce

Using this extension, you can extract SOQL queries and analyze the errors like ‘Too Many SOQLs’. The execution count of these queries is displayed in a consolidated window in a tabular format. This includes all the standard and custom objects. Also, this plugin helps in optimizing the codes.

These are some of the best Salesforce extensions that you can integrate into your development process to save your precious time and energies.

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