Here are five points that may change your mind about breaking free of your routine to travel.

By Kimyen Wan

Running your own business is a serious commitment, and when you’re striving to meet goals and make a profit it’s only natural that you’d want to pour your time and energy into work. Effectively, entrepreneurs are notorious for abstaining from vacations, with the view that it isn’t a valuable use of time; because time is money, after all.

The irony is, by turning down the chance to explore the world, you could be bypassing experiences that could help your business thrive. Not only does taking a break help reduce your stress levels and avoid workplace burnout but exploring new countries and cultures could provide you with precious inspiration, knowledge and new contacts that could foster business success.

If you’re not convinced yet, here are five points that may change your mind about breaking free of your routine to travel.

1) It will prevent burnout

Overworking yourself can lead to stress and other health concerns. Take the time to disconnect your mind from business, so that you feel recharged and inspired when you return to work. Travel can also provide you with the chance to relax and reflect on what you could be doing differently. Ideas come to you at the most unexpected times, and your best idea yet may even come to you on the top of a mountain!

In fact, the feel-good endorphins released during exercise have been proven to improve brain function and boost creativity[1], so it’s worth throwing yourself into adrenaline spiking adventures. This bucket list guide outlines plenty of exciting activities to pick from that are sure to get your heart racing and stress levels down.

2) You’ll meet new people from around the world

Humans are sociable creatures and there’s something extra special about forging relationships with people in different countries. Travelling to new places and starting conversations with individuals from various cultures and backgrounds is an incredible way of boosting your emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.

And you never know who you might meet when you’re travelling – it’s possible that you could even stumble across a potential new business contact or somebody who can share localised business experience and knowledge, so it’s worth putting yourself out there.

3) It can help you develop language and communication skills

In a similar vein, you may find that travelling boosts your ability to communicate with people, and not only through learning snippets of their language. Of course, the ability to speak multiple languages can be incredibly beneficial in business – and there’s no better way to pick up a foreign tongue than by immersing yourself in the country where it is spoken natively. But, more importantly, the capacity to read people can also prove itself invaluable.

While travelling, you’ll likely find yourself in situations where there is a language barrier and you’re forced to communicate through alternative methods. You’ll learn how facial expressions, hand gestures and tone of voice convey meaning around the world, and develop a better understanding of people in the process.

4) It will broaden your mind

Visit new places with an open mind and you could find yourself looking at things from a whole new perspective. Observe processes, traditions, solutions, values and interactions. You could pick up some useful tips and lessons to take home with you, whether it’s related to how you do business or simply the lifestyle you are leading – because there is life beyond work!

You’d be amazed at how leaving your comfort zone and becoming more culturally aware can broaden your mind and foster productive out-of-the-box thinking. Lessons may not even be directly related to business; simply learning how to be more adaptable in new situations – like the ones you face while travelling – could be useful going forward.

5) It can drive creativity

Spending every day in the same routine, in the same place can stifle creativity. By embracing new experiences, you can find inspiration for potential projects and new approaches to your work. Often the most exciting ideas come to you when you allow your mind to drift from your work.

So, taste the local food, chat to the local people and explore the beautiful sights – there’s a world of inspiration out there.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless benefits to be reaped from travelling the world that can boost your personal well-being, open your mind to exciting new prospects and provide momentum to grow your business further. It’s time to get exploring!

Kimyen Wan is a freelance writer covering topics related to travel and business. She has worked extensively with many leading lights and advocates in the small business world. She is based in London.


Travel stock photo by Peerayut Chan/Shutterstock