The latest technology which is emerging in the field of virtual tools is the Artificial Intelligence (AI). The artificial intelligence technology is a field of computer science which has its prime focus on creating and developing intelligent machines which are capable of working and reacting like human beings. This technology is used to make our computing experience more interactive and user-friendly so that a person with minimal computer knowledge can use the typical computer devices with an ease.

The thing which makes the artificial intelligence extremely useful in today’s world is its self-learning capability. The artificial intelligence-based devices can take commands directly by voice so that the user doesn’t have to type or touch to give the commands. These devices can learn from their users and can automatically show what the user wants. These devices are also capable of solving problems from the knowledge they got from their users. The artificial intelligence technology is broadly used in different other technologies all over the world and opened a path of these technologies to expand. Some of the technologies in which artificial intelligence is used are as follows:

1. Robotics

Robotics is among those technologies which gained progress and popularity in recent years. By merging the robotics and artificial intelligence, we are able to create the human-like machines known as android which can act and work like humans. Apart from the android technology, AI is also responsible for making smart homes in which the user can control the different appliances of their house by voice recognition or gestures. The robotics technology also has a great importance in the commercial world as robots are used in the industries to do the mechanical work.

2. Neural Networks and Deep Learning

The neural networks and deep learning technology will completely change the way we use our devices and the management of information by different organizations throughout the world. Deep learning means that the technology is capable of recognizing the different types of inputs given by the users such as voice, image or other optical characters. This technology can influence the way of doing business as it can predict the future performance of the products or even a whole company by reviewing the statistics and records of the company.

3. Virtual Agents

Virtual agents are the best example of artificial intelligence technology. These virtual agents are designed in order to interact with the users by answering their questions and executing the commands which are given by the user. The virtual agent comes in different which support either text or voice commands. They are used in computer and eCommerce industry where they work as a personal virtual assistant. Because of the artificial intelligence, these virtual agents can work as a real-life assistant because they can learn and make predictions from the information given to them by their users. They can make calls, send messages, and search on the internet etc. just by simple voice commands given by the user.

4. Speech Recognition

The older versions of speech recognition technology is not much accurate as different people have different accents and way of talking due to which the system is unable to understand the words which are spoken by the user but with the new artificial intelligence technology, the system can now learn the different accents and way of talking of the people around the world and can use that information to understand the commands given by the user more efficiently. This also helped the dictation technology to evolve in which the system writes the words in the form of plain text which are spoken by the user.

5. Biometric Authentication

We are using passwords for the authentication purpose for many years but we all know that this method of authentication doesn’t provide good security as if the password is leaked, anyone can access the information which was limited only to a particular user. This method of security can be hacked as it is not made for a unique person. But unlike passwords, the biometric technology uses different body parts such as fingerprints, retinal patterns, voice and facial structure for the authentication purpose which provides a higher level of security as all these features are unique and are limited only to a single person. With the use of artificial intelligence in the biometrics, the user can directly access their accounts without following a set of procedures which they perform in older biometric systems.

6. Artificial Intelligence Optimised Hardware

The AI enabled hardware devices owns a huge market in today’s world. Because of the broadness and availability of artificial intelligence, it has become very easy to develop custom artificial intelligence software for various types of hardware devices such as smart television systems, remote controls, speaker system and much more. These devices can run and learn from the commands given by the user. For example, an artificial intelligence enabled speaker system can learn what type of music the user listens to and can give a recommendation of the similar music to the user.

7. Decision Management

The decision management means the use of artificial intelligence technology to make important decisions in a company. The AI system makes the decisions and predictions by analyzing the performance reports of the company. With the help of this technology, we can predict whether the product will become successful in the market or not and whether the company can survive in different regions of the world or not.

With its development, artificial intelligence has changed the way we think about our technology, it has opened different paths for us to redefine the technology we use in our day to day life. AI has played a very important role in the commercial world, according to a research, 62% of the world’s companies are using artificial intelligence as a major component of managing their business.

The investment in this technology has increased to around 300 percent in past few years and it is expected that the artificial intelligence industry will hold a market of more than $47 billion by the year 2020. From this technology, it is clear that virtual world will have a huge influence on the real world.

Ankit Patel is Project Manager at XongoLab Technologies. Depicts his multi-talented personality as the manager of content marketing department with the same company. He loves to write and share about new & upcoming technology, mobile app, web development, programming tools, and web design.