Happy clients are retained customers, and client retention is a crucial factor in business success, as well as growth.

One way to combat churn, besides having an excellent service and delivering results, is by surprising your clients with gifts.

Everyone loves presents and as we come into the festive season, surprise gifts can be great benefactors in keeping that good client and business relationship going well into the new year.

Here’s a roundup of the best 10 gifts that small, medium and large businesses can consider to bring a smile to their clients faces.

1. A Bespoke Corporate Hamper

Who doesn’t love a hamper in the festive season? A tailor-made corporate hamper ethically sourced from a range of organic products is bound to delight any client.

Hampers can be designed specifically to requirement and budget and hand finished with personalised messages or logos. You can choose from savoury or sweet options, as well as adding in a bottle of something smooth. Plus these hampers come in both organic, gluten free, free-from and vegan options ensuring they delight every dietary requirement.

Hampers are festive favourites as well as memorable and sure to be appreciated.

2. Portable Power Banks

As great as modern technology is, it’s still bound by one problem: Battery life. If your client is on the go, or always worrying about trailing cables around, power banks can be handy, reachable saviors.

Designed to be safe, small, quick and handy power banks are compatible with both smartphones and tablets.

Most banks now have built in LED light displays which help to let the user know just how much it has left before it needs charging. Long gone are the days of pulling one from the bottom of a travel bag and hoping it’s got enough left in it.

3. A sustainable water bottle

The environment is a worry for everyone in the twenty-first century, and more efforts are being taken to curb waste and increase recycling. One of those methods includes cutting down on plastic by opting to choose reusable water bottles over disposable plastic ones.

Sustainable water bottles are the new solution to this problem. Made of recyclable and biodegradable material, these water bottles can heat hot drinks for around 12 hours and keep cold ones cool for 24! Perfect for clients who are always bringing their own drinks to meetings.

4. A To Do List Mouse Pad

Yes, mouse pads are still a thing and so are to do lists. Sure, your client may have access to fancy scheduling software like Asana or Monday, but sometimes you just can’t beat scribbling down notes.

For clients who are always making post-it note to do lists, this mousepad is an ingenious invention. It’s right in front of their attention, with handy, humorous sections for urgency and priority, as well as a pen or pencil holder.

Unique, novelty and useful. What more can you ask for?

5. A Wrist Rest Pad

Some of your clients will have had to adapt to home office environments which aren’t always the most spacious, nor comfortable as their actual offices. Depending on their desk set up, their workspaces can be hard on their wrists and hands so proactively help them in their work by giving them somewhere comfy to rest their hands.

Reviewers have even attested to helping them type faster, as well as preventing “mouse shoulder”, a condition recognised between computer workers as pain in the shoulder from regularly using a mouse.

6. An Online Class

That’s nothing to do with work! Everyone loves learning new things, and whilst we’re all prohibited in our movements, why not give the gift of an online class?

There are classes for everything, from baking to cooking, and from crochet to coding. If your client is into their exercise, you could gift them an online exercise class in either their favourite niche or a brand new one like Yoga or Kickboxing.

7. Restaurant Gift Cards

If you were having a business lunch or dinner with your clients you’d foot the bill, so why not do that virtually in the form of a restaurant gift card?

A whole host of restaurants participate in Gift Cards or e-Vouchers now so make sure to search first. It’s a nice touch that is bound to be appreciated by your clientele.

8. A Wall Calendar

Everyone needs a good wall calendar with plenty of space so that they can record their meetings and any other important events that crop up.

Getting your clients a calendar will take one less thing off of their festive to buy list, and they’re bound to be grateful to you for doing so. Plus, what better way to encourage them to see in another year with you and your business!

The Goodness Project provides the best began, organic, natural and free-from products for individuals and corporate clients alike.

Clients stock photo by Gearstd/Shutterstock