By Olivia Ryan

All professional marketers take advantage of psychological triggers when it comes to selling products and services. What they do is they manipulate the human psyche into buying things they don’t need.This can be achieved through psychological mechanisms.

When creating an email marketing campaign make sure to add triggers. This is will boost your campaign and make it much more effective.

Convincing customers to buy your products/services using this method can be a bit difficult. So, in order to win over as many clients as possible, you should use the best triggers out there. In the following article you will find a list of 9 triggers that you should use in your email marketing campaigns:

1. The Last Chance Trigger

Most consumers feel that brands don’t really create a strong connection with their clients. However, you should understand that almost any client will react to the “last chance” trigger. Most clients own a wish list full of things they need but can’t seem to afford at the moment. Here is the trigger: send them an e-mail telling them that a certain product from their wish list is on the point of getting out of stock. Who could say no when a situation like this occurs?

2. Hook the Buyer

Every serious marketer knows a thing or two about his target audience. Therefore, put this information to use by sending each of your clients an offer that they won’t be able to resist. For example, HBO Go offers his potential clients one-month free trial so they might experience their unique movie platform. When the free month expires, most clients will rather pay for the service than abandon it.

3. Eliminate Their Fears

Most customers are pretty skeptical and fear that your products might not be of such a high quality. In this case, you should focus on eliminating their fears. How to do that? Tom Barbey, a marketing specialist at Aussie Writings says that’s simple: “Just offer them reimbursement of their money in case they don’t like the product. By employing this trick, your customers will always feel confident in buying your products”.

4. Abandoned Shopping Cart

There are clients that won’t close the deal even if they went through all the steps required to make their purchase. When this happens, make sure to send an e-mail reminder to these potential clients. All you can do is offer your help and add a CTA button. This is one way of convincing your clients to go back and finally make the purchase.

5. Give Them an Explanation

Triggered campaigns are a great way of improving your email marketing. In case your audience is made out of rational individuals, make sure to give them a logical explanation of why they should buy your products/services. For example: “By attending our conference, you’ll learn how to eat and manage your diet so you will live a carefree life.”

6. Promote Innovations

Who doesn’t love new products? Let me tell you, everyone! As you might know, fashion designers create a new line of clothing every season. Why do you think they’re doing it? The main reason is that people love new stuff. People wish to impress other people, and is there any way to impress someone other than by owning new clothes, gadgets or even toys every once in a while? Just create a new product and announce it with a pompous yet concise description. Simple, isn’t it?

7. Boost Their Excitement

Remember to keep your clients excited about the new product that willsoon become available in your store. Warm them up by sending emails to keep them informed regarding your newest offers.  You can even create a pre-purchase event. Offer your customers a free gift if they decide to pre-purchase the product.

8. Make Use of Testimonials

Word of mouth can be a powerful tool that modern marketers should definitely use. A testimonial from a usual customer is probably much more valuable than a well-made commercial. People want to know the opinions of others before buying a product/service. In general people trust other people more than they trust a well-known brand or a skyrocketing company.

9. Inspire Curiosity

If you wish your clients to open your emails, make sure to make them curious enough. Usually, the title builds up the curiosity of the prospect. Therefore, it would be a good idea to focus on creating a captivating title. For example: ‘Owning one of our products might save your life someday’. Whoever would see this title might becomecurious enough to make an extra step towards a purchase.


In order to create a bulletproof email marketing campaign, you should first of all understand how human nature works, and how you can influence the behavior of your clients. These 9 triggers will definitely stimulate your clients to buy your products. So what are you waiting for? Put these triggers into practice!

Olivia Ryan is a journalist who always tries to see the bright side of things. She likes to inspire people in her writings and to enjoy a mysterious beauty of twilight. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.