WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems available today which is based on PHP and Mysql. WordPress enables the use of more than half a million plugins to extend the functionalities that are present in WordPress. Plugins are designed to offer tailor-made features and functions so that each client has the option to customize their site to better suit their needs. However, there are some plugins that cause high CPU and use a lot of server resources, ultimately slow down your website.

Here are some of the top culprits that cause slow loading:

Backup Buddy

This plugin aims at providing a backup strategy to meet the need for a solid WordPress backup solution. But this plugin has been receiving constant complaints about how it slows down the loading of your website. Also, the backups are significantly slower if you are in compatibility mode and less likely to complete in time. Possible alternatives include Updraft Plus and All in one migration plugins that provide reliable backups with fairly fast loading rate for your site.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 can handle various contact forms and  also enable the user to customize these forms as well as the mail contents with easy markup and flexibility. It offers Ajax-oriented submission, Captcha filtering and so on. But this plugin is incredibly script heavy and these scripts are often slow and tend to impose themselves on every single page of your website once you activate the plugin. This tends to sow the speed of loading of your website and ultimately, lowers the way Google ranks your website.


Google XML SiteMaps

This plugin is designed to create an XML sitemap that is readable by Google and other search engines containing a complete index of your site. Its major aim is search engine optimization. However, this plugin although popular has been receiving constant flak for its heaviness and the resulting slow down of your website consequence. Alternatives for this plugin include Yoast SEO plugin that has been found to be quite efficient and lightweight.

Disqus Comment System

This plugin enables the client to run a global social media comments system that makes it easier for users to maintain their identity while commenting on several sites. This plugin causes slow loading due to lazy script loading meaning that Disqus is not actually loaded until the user is ready to comment rendering a lethargic operation of the website. Alternatives include wpDiscuz free plugin and the Epoch free plugin.

WordPress Facebook plugin

The WordPress Facebook plug equips Facebook Page administrators to promote their pages and enables them to embed a content feed from a page to a blog. It helps to determine how many users like the page, recent posts etc. However, this plugin can cause slow loading of the widgets and cause significant traffic. This is because javascript has to be loaded frequently and they make continuous calls back and forth from the servers causing each request to contribute significantly to the load times, even multi-second delays.  WPSocilalite plugin is an excellent alternative to WordPress Facebook Plugin.

The Divi Builder plugin

The Divi Builder offers a simple drag and drops page builder for any WordPress theme. It provides numerous layouts and flexible and powerful modules. But the use of Divi theme has been known to load slowly due to caching and image optimization. The MotoPress free plugin and the Cornerstone Paid plugin are powerful alternatives to the Divi Builder and they ensure that the quality and experience is not compromised.

The Broken Link Checker plugin

The Broken Link Checker helps in monitoring and parsing through your blog and send notification on finding any missing links. Although a useful plugin this broken link checker can be quite resourced intensive hence leading to the slow functioning and loading of your website when the plugin is activated. Dr. Link Check is a free and reliable alternative to the Broken Link Checker.

Nextgen Gallery

The Nextgen Gallery plugin is a simple photo gallery plugin for WordPress that provides features of grouping into albums, upload batch photos and more. But this plugin is noticed to contribute to significantly slow down and sometimes hang-ups of the website while loading and peak of processors at the servers. Excellent and feasible alternatives include Foo Gallery and Envira Gallery plugins.

Pods Framework Plugin

Provides custom content needs for content management of your website. Also provides additional support for WordPress Posts and Pages. However, this plugin has known to result in extremely slow admin panel and often crash of sites. Cheap alternatives include ACF paid plugin and toolset free plugin.


James Tredwell is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst.com who works with unique problems and advanced search situations. He helps clients improve organic traffic through a deep understanding of Google’s algorithm and Web technology.