Accessories for Men

Photo Courtesy: DANILLO

February 22, 2012: Let’s Hear It For the Boys

Sales of bracelets, bags and other fashion accessories are soaring. That may not be surprising news considering that the economy seems to be rebounding, and accessories are a great way to update an “old” wardrobe.

What may be surprising is the folks binging on these accessories are men. According to an article in The New York Times, “Men are buying so many accessories that some forecasters predict sales growth for men’s clothing and accessories during the first three months of this year will set a 20-year high.” In fact, the NPD Group, a market research firm, reports sales of men’s accessories hit $6 billion, growing 14 percent, in the second half of 2011.

The Times reports men’s bracelets (thin ones made from metal or leather) are “on fire right now.”

There are plenty of opportunities associated with this trend. You can of course start making jewelry and other accessories. Or you can distribute and/or sell them. Of course, to appeal to a broader group of men, The Times says “some designers are giving [the accessories] manly names and styles. That’s not really a bracelet; it’s wristwear. And that’s not a purse, nor the dreaded murse, but a holdall.”

Of course there are plenty of styles of jewelry (watches in particular) and “holdalls” that have unisex appeal-like the bag pictured above from jewelry and accessories design company DANNIJO.