More companies around the world today are adjusting to the new normal because of the global pandemic. Business owners and employees turn to work-from-home set up to comply with the government’s protocol of self-isolation, social distancing, and no-contact operations. Even from the standpoint of the hiring team, everyone’s safety is the utmost concern. Thus business owners opt for virtual or video interviews.

It can be a common practice for some employers to do video interviews. But for most of them, such a remote hiring or recruitment strategy faces serious adjustments. For a successful video interview, here are six rules that every business owner and the interviewer should consider:

1. Selecting Candidates

The first step in conducting a job interview is to select a potential candidate fit for the job. It is a waste of time to interview all of the applicants who responded to the company’s job vacancy announcement.

●      Review the Resume or Curriculum Vitae

Aside from the candidate’s job experience, educational attainment, and knowledge and skills to fit the job, the employer or interviewer should also look at the person’s background.

●      Notify the Selected Candidate

As the interviewer, it is necessary to let the interviewee know how, when, and where (online platform) the interview will be conducted. For a video interview, you should send an invitation link ahead of time and allow the interviewee to comply with the format or interview requirements.

2. Preparation for the Video Interview

As a business owner or job interviewer, you need to prepare several things and tools before the actual video interview.

●      Internet Connection

A stable internet connection on both ends is necessary for the video interview to run smoothly. Moreover, it is an advantage if the interviewer knows how to troubleshoot and run the internet smoothly in case the internet fails.

●      Camera and Microphone Functions

The camera and microphone should also be tested ahead of time as a preparation for the video interview.

3. Dressing Up for the Video Interview

Whether the dress code is formal, corporate, or casual, it is a must that you inform the interviewee about the dress code for the job interview.

●      Emphasize the Need to Wear Appropriate Business Attire

Generally, wearing business or professional attire in a job interview and no flashy, casual clothing is appropriate. However, it is best to reiterate or emphasize it when you notify the interviewee.

●      Appropriate Interview Outfit

In the corporate world, the outfit tends to be more conservative. Men should always opt for a suit while women can wear a formal blouse and skirt. Men’s shirt should be worn, too, if it is layered with a sweater in neutral colors of black, brown, grey, and blue.

●      Appropriate Accessories

Accessories like ties, men’s dress belts, jewelry, or a watch can be worn appropriately to complete the outfit. Women may also wear slight makeup and less hairstyle.

●      Conservative Interview Outfit Colors that Match

Conservative business attire colors, such as black, blue, and gray match light colors such as pink, yellow, light blue, and light green. White shirts are the most common option, but shirts in bright colors may also match the suit as long as the color is not blindingly bright.

4. Professional Space Set-up

While the video interview may not be in a traditional office set up, it is still essential to have your space professionally set. A well-lit area and distraction-free background are necessary for a successful video interview.

●      Good Lighting

Good, natural light in front is better than light from behind that will turn the interviewer into a silhouette.

●      Locked Door

If you are doing the remote job interview at home, you should lock the door before the interview. Or else someone comes in and distracts the interview process.

5. Video Interview Communication

Communication should always be a two-way conversation. It will be easier to assess the candidate if you allow the interviewee to speak up.

●      Interviewer’s Questions

Prepare the interview questions ahead of time. It requires the interviewee to answer and explain accordingly so that you will be able to assess and evaluate the candidate. Your questions should be related to the job, previous employment, skills and capabilities, and character.

●      Interviewee’s Questions

By allowing the interviewee to ask questions and by giving the right answers, you will make the video interview more successful.

6. Interview Evaluation

You should evaluate the interviewee’s cognitive ability, personality, culture fit, situational judgment, and skills based on your interview. After evaluation, the interviewee should get feedback on whether the result is positive or negative.

●      Give It when Decision Has Been Made

It is professional to let the candidate know as soon as the decision is made.

●      Provide the Next Step If the Candidate Passed the Interview

By email or by phone, you should inform the interviewee of the next step, especially if the hiring process involves a series of interviews.


A video interview can be successful even amidst the pandemic. It may not be the same as a face-to-face interview, but the objective remains the same. By giving considerations to these factors, the interview will run successfully, and the right person will get hired for the profitability and advancement of the business.

Mariam Simmonsis a trendsetter at Alpine Swiss and business fashion enthusiast with a love for writing. She loves traveling to the world’s top stylish destinations and gets inspired to create helpful business fashion and lifestyle guides.

Video interview stock photo by djile/Shutterstock