UR Collaborative

UR Collaborative arms are designed to suit the specific needs of the customers. These collaborative arms are customized to fit different types of industries. Using combined arms increases production.

The universal arm cuts on production costs and time a feature that makes them ideal for growing companies. The UR collaborative arms are affordable. Due to their flexibility, any company can also use collaborative robot.

 Why Collaborative Robotic Arms?

The Ur Collaborative arms have unique features that are not found in traditional robots. The following are some of the features that make the UR collective arms stand out.

1. Small Size

Unlike the traditional robotic arms, which were significant in size, UR Collaborative arms are small. The UR3e is a collaborative table-top robot that can be used in an automated workbench scenario. The collaborative component has a compact form factor, which makes it ideal for tight workspaces. Desk-tops can use the arms can to perform small tasks. The collaborative arms can also be fitted inside a machine to perform minute tasks like light assembly and screw driving.

2. Lightweight

The Ur Collaborative arms are light, and therefore they can be carried around the production industry to perform different tasks. UR3e robots weigh 11.2 kg and have a payload of three kilograms.

The lightweight makes it possible for the operator to carry the robotic arm from one place to another. This makes production easy as you do not need to move the unfinished products. Moving the robot to where it is needed to perform a task also reduces risks.

3. Flexibility

The collaborative arms are flexible, and thus they can be engaged to perform numerous tasks. Tasks like screw driving, painting, assembling, and other charges can use a single robotic arm.

You only need to purchase one UR collaborative arm, which can be used to perform various tasks. The flexibility of the collaborative arm makes it ideal for all types of manufacturing industries. Small, medium and large companies can use these arms.

4. Enhances Safety

The collaborative arms are designed to work alongside humans. The UR arms are safe because they are programmed to sense human beings’ presence in their area of operation. If they feel humans’ company, they reduce the speed or halt the process altogether, not to hurt the humans.

The collaborative arms are also used to perform dangerous, dirty, and dull tasks that can cause harm humans. Some operations like painting produce harmful fumes that are a health hazard to humans. Collaborative arms are not affected, and so they will not require medical attention.

4. Consistence

Most of the operations in a production company require consistency and precision. Repeating one task over and over again can be dull for humans. Humans cannot produce the same outcome for all the products.

Humans also get tired, which affects their production. Using the collaborative arm will ensure that the output is consistent and precise. Robots ever get tired, and they are perfect in their operations.

5. Saves on the Costs Of Production

The only expense that you will incur is the initial cost of the collaborative arm. Unlike traditional robots, which incur installation costs, the UR collaborative arms are highly automated. The automated robots are easy to install and operate.

The patented programs installed in the UR Collaborative robots allow even the inexperienced user to use them. All that the user is required to do is to move the robot to the area of operation.

6. Saves Time

Installing the automated robotic arm takes less than a day. An inexperienced user can unpack, mount and perform a task using the robotic arm in less than an hour. The highly automated robots work with super speed, which human workers cannot achieve.