By Mehul Rajput

With the availability of smart apps, it becomes a boon for businesses to perform their regular tasks more efficiently and swiftly. If you are an entrepreneur of small, medium or large sized businesses, you need to stay more cautious in order to stay competitive for growth of your business. Managing multifaceted tasks keep entrepreneurs in stress most of the time as they need to pay complete attention to their work all the time. Even a small mistake in taking any decision may worth lots in their business. But, it’s not for all the entrepreneurs.

With advancements in mobile app technology, many entrepreneurs have started adopting a smart way to enhance their work capability. They have started using the most modern apps specially designed for entrepreneurs in order to boost productivity of their business. There are several apps available in the app store and play store such as productivity apps, messaging apps, administrative apps, accounting apps, Google apps, and many more with hi-end functionalities.

Here, I provide you information about some useful apps for entrepreneurs to enhance their productivity. When it comes to top level business people, they have less time to spend on finding apps for them. Hence, with some guidance it becomes quite simple for them to get instant information about such apps which they can quickly search and download from the app store or play store.

Slack – A Team Communication Tool

Popularly used a team communication tool, Slack is a useful app for making team communication efficient, keeping track of email threads, text messages, Skype conversions and other such different services at one place and allow providing information available quickly as well as searchable from anywhere you go. This B2B cloud-based collaboration application offers many more benefits such as file sharing, search all content from just one search box as well as you can also share and test code snippets to your group or team members. It can also integrate with services such as Trello, HelpScout, GitHub and many more.

G Suite (Google Apps) – A Bunch of Productive Apps

Google Apps offer businesses great opportunities to utilize their advanced apps in order to boost their productivity. Apps such as Google Mail, Drive, Docs, Map, Sheets and many more helps you to manage your complex tasks, simply. With the help of Google drive you can easily manage your heavy data and file sharing problems. Even different types of files and documents can be shared into easily editable format. It is a cloud based extension and can download from iOS or Android devices, with no trouble.

Producteev – A Social Task Management App

Producteev is a social task management app helps business people to organize tasks and activities of projects, efficiently. One can create/follow/assign task, creates to-do lists and projects, set reminders, set dates, create networks for projects & tasks, notifications and reminders, create subtasks, schedule deadlines, Email integration and many more. Its pro version comprises advanced features and functionalities with best supports.

Invoice2Go – A Professional Invoice Making App

For small and medium sized businesses, to give your invoice professional look using ready-made invoice templates, Invoice2Go is an efficient application offers more than just making an invoice. It offers charts and reports based on creating invoices, track expenses; accept debit and credit cards allows your customers to make payment online, easily. This cloud based invoice app also includes features such as tracking, payment reminders, create statement, and more.

Evernote – An Online Note-taking App

Evernote is an eminent online note-taking application allows you to write and store memos, documents, pictures, sketches and many more. Besides, Microsoft’s OneNote and Google Keep, this is an efficient app offers advanced note management tools available for free. It allows storing images, documents and notes. Advanced features including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), maintaining a wide range of content, Multi-Platform Support, Cloud Management, Tagging and Organization and many more offers users complete benefits of its usage.

Trello – A Project Management App

This leading project management app is popularly used by businesses and has won the best Project Management Software award. It works perfectly as a precise project management and collaboration system. It facilitates team members to discuss a task or a project in real-time. With efficient task assignments, email notifications, activity log and other features, it keeps everyone informed with the recent project activities. This cost-effective and well-integrated app is the most popular project management app in the market, today.

Pocket – An App to Create Your Personal Library

This useful app allows you to create your own library and use it whenever and wherever you wish. It allows you to save articles, blogs, video or other content for future use. It allows you to bookmark your favorite pages on your personal library. It automatically downloads everything and you can read it later. With its easy search option and other useful features, you can efficiently manage your personal library in your pocket. Its feature comprises offline reading, third party integration with twitter, Zite, etc. It also offers customized view to make your reading apparent and pleasant.

Businesses can make their complex processes more efficient and enhance productivity using the popular apps designed for entrepreneurs. Identifying the suitable app for your business needs offer lucrative outcomes to boost productivity and lead your business on the successful path. With the availability of paid or free apps, understating its proper usage, you can make your critical business processes efficient and productive.

Mehul Rajput is a CEO of Mindinventory, a leading mobile application development company which provide best iOS and Android app development Services all over the world. He has more than 6 years experience in software development with a strong focus on mobile app development.