By Liyana Perry

For some business owners, the workplace is a stressful environment. If you are someone who feels like this, and you would like to make your business space a bit more harmonious, there are many ways that you can do just that.

Instead of feeling frustrated at the office, here are some useful tips to make sure that you try out the following tips and tricks. Some of these can really help to turn around a toxic office atmosphere.

1. Start cycling to the office

Depending on how far your office is, you could easily start cycling to the office in the mornings and evenings instead. Yes, it can be a tough physical exertion and you’ll need to take your work clothes with you – and get freshened up when you arrive – but it’s well worth considering.

Riding the bike to the office is good for your mentality, too, as it will help you to feel like you’ve already started your day with a productive experience, often leaving you feeling much more physically and mentally prepared for the day ahead.

2. Maintaining good posture

One thing that you should look to do, then, is to try and improve the way that you keep your back straight. Many of us walk with a slight hunch, often brought on by years of subconsciously sitting forward when watching the TV and similar. However, with so many people suffering from back pain, the most common cause comes from not keeping your back straight enough as you work.

The result is that many of us have S-shaped spines, whereas those from less technically dependent indigenous parts of the world have a more J-shaped spine. While changing your spine shape is pretty hard, forcing yourself to sit (and stand) with a straighter back can lead to long-term improvements.

3. Make well-being easier for everyone

The next thing that you should definitely look to do is put in place a system that makes well-being more of a genuine convenience. Employees who can get access to fitness equipment in the workplace will be more likely to take part and see the results forming.

If you want to make sure that you can get a good quality workforce, help them to stay as healthy as possible in terms of their physical shape. From on-site gym facilities to cheap gym passes subsidized by your business, you should encourage your staff to make fitness a more attractive aspiration. Other options for well-being include massage therapy, as shown from research by, there are more than 30 benefits to getting a massage.

4. Provide your staff with healthy foods to start the day

Start eating healthier, too, and you will help your staff to be more prepared for the day ahead. A business fueling its workforce on oats, natural foods, fruits and the like is much more likely to see healthy and positive returns when compared to the competition, so keep that in mind.

It might just be the solution you need to make sure your workplace stays a healthier, happier location. Get breakfast and lunch options which are made from natural products, and you can reap the rewards, despite the costs, through a motivated and healthy workforce.

5. Encourage healthy relationships among colleagues

While you can’t force colleagues to become best friends, you can make it much easier for them to want to work together. You can do this quite simply: make it easier for your staff to talk to one another by encouraging a healthier relationship within the workplace.

Offer mediation in times of dispute and allow people to speak their minds. If your workforce feels like they cannot be honest with one another, it will become much harder, to get things done. Your staff will benefit more from being able to be frank with one another than always skirting around the issues of the day.

6. Promote mental health awareness and offer in-house counseling

Any good business worth working for is one that takes mental health seriously. You should let your staff know that it’s OK not to be OK; they shouldn’t need to put on a veneer of happiness purely because you employ them.

Make staff aware of in-house counseling programs, too. The return on investment from happier staff who are more capable of giving their all will more than pay for any counseling costs. Let staff know that they can come to you when they need help: that should never be a problem in any modern workplace.

7. Conclusion

With these ideas in mind, then, you should absolutely look to help everyone in your organization settle in easier. Make them more physically active, make it easier for them to be active, encourage a healthier way of working both alone and together, and ensure staff knows there’s always someone willing to listen at work.

This can be the difference between building a profitable and successful business, or a business that cannot retain its staff. With that in mind, you can start to make positive improvements in the way that your staff feels about themselves, their colleagues and the company that they represent.

Liyana Perry is a writer at, she has a passion for writing blogs about natural health and spirituality. She enjoys long walks with a breeze and finding ways to make dessert healthy.