The SMM promotion of any company can never exist without its must-have tool — Instagram account. Brands quickly realized that a profile on this social network could become not only a business card and image component but also a major source of customers.

However, not everything is so simple. Instagram has complex algorithms to promote, a huge competition, and a high bar for content quality. So you can not just buy Instagram followers and think that your work is done. In order to attract subscribers to Instagram, it is imperative to prepare a knowledge base and find out the main subtleties and secrets of success.

Preparing an Instagram profile to get subscribers

Instagram doesn’t tolerate neglect of detail. All the little things in practice play an important role in attracting new followers. Therefore, no method describing how to attract followers on Instagram will be effective if the page is simply not prepared.

Of course, it is possible to attract the attention of users to your page, but they will not start following your profile if it does not look attractive enough. Even at the initial stages, it is crucial to carefully think over the concept of the page, the promotion strategy, and everything, everything, everything, down to the smallest details. From the very beginning, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what the account should be, who it is aimed at, and what its main functions are.

Visual is the first and most important touch with subscribers. Before moving on towards increasing the number of followers, let’s take a look at what an insta profile should look like.

Free ways to attract subscribers

Now that your account looks attractive, you need to attract visitors to it. Many people use “gray” methods to cheat users, but they can play against you. Firstly, you can get a ban for this, and secondly, the manipulation of subscribers does not give results in the long term.

Therefore, we propose to adopt legal ways of how to attract live subscribers to Instagram without risking the brand’s reputation and account safety.

Ask to tell about you

When creating an Instagram account, the very first thing to do is share it in every possible way and ask others to do the same.

What can you do:

  • place a button with a link to your profile on your official website;
  • add an account to additional contacts in the profiles of other social networks;
  • add a login to search for business cards or create an Instagram business card;
  • if you are an offline business owner, offer your customers a discount for profile subscription and mentioning;
  • create a newsletter by mail or messenger so that customers know that you now have Instagram.

Ask others to talk about you. Friends are the good old way of free PR. Look at the list of your acquaintances and their friends on social networks and find among them those users who have about 1000 followers. Ask them to recommend your page, but not just share a link, but tell them about your benefits and why you should subscribe.

If there are no familiar altruists, then look for pages on Instagram with similar topics, with which you will have approximately the same target audience. Direct competitors are best avoided. Offer the page owner mutual PR. This will help exchange audiences and, as a result, everyone will remain in the black.

A personal brand is a little easier to promote. People are more responsive to other people than companies, but you shouldn’t think that any personal account is suitable for mutual PR. For this to bear fruit, you need to choose the accounts to which your target audience is subscribed.

Bear in mind that mutual PR, if handled incorrectly, can be fraught with consequences. Pay close attention to what you post on your profile so as not to scare off readers with ridiculous recommendations and an abundance of advertising at the start. Before you publish a promotional post, make sure that it can be interesting and useful to your followers.


Perhaps the easiest and fastest way to attract Instagram followers for free is to be active on the pages of other users. It is clear that everybody likes it when people follow them, like their posts, or leave nice comments. The emergence of a new subscriber will not go unnoticed. This, in turn, creates an interest to go to the profile in order to find out who exactly subscribed, and there it is not far from mutual subscription.

Subscriptions work best in conjunction with other activities on the page.

It is true that not everything is so simple and you need to take into account several nuances. Firstly, you should be active only in the accounts of your target audience. After all, a person will most likely go to a profile to satisfy his curiosity but will subscribe in response only if the topic and content of the account are interesting to them.

The second important rule is adherence to limits. The Instagram administration has set certain limits on the number of subscriptions that can be made per day. There is no official information on them, but taking into account the experience of users, it is recommended to subscribe to no more than 300 accounts per day. The excess can be regarded by the network administration as spam or actions of automated programs.

Unfortunately, many bloggers and commercial pages have been using the above methods for a long time. Accordingly, users have long become tired of subscriptions from all sorts of stores and novice bloggers. These mechanical subscriptions are annoying rather than interesting.

If you do not want to be counted among them, try to make your actions as natural as possible. Instead of just subscribing, browse the user’s account. Put 2-3 likes under the posts you like, write a comment and only then subscribe. Only the comment should be meaningful, not just “cool”, “cool,” and other common words.

Using geolocation

Use geolocation actively in your profile. Users often search for information and pages of interest to them by geodata. Think of all the places where your target audience is most often and add geotags to your posts whenever possible.

Latest updates

If you want to become popular and attract subscribers, you must definitely be interesting for them. Benefit from the experience of already popular influencers. Always stay up to date and do not forget to share any useful information with users, whether it’s the start of a promotion in your store, a piece of important world news, or a viral video related to the profile topic.

Instagram followers stock photo by TY Lim/Shutterstock