International shipping is becoming very expensive due to numerous reasons (e.g. the rises of fuel price, package-handling fees, taxes etc.) and it can be difficult for you to lower the costs even if there is a growth of your business. Yet, knowing some simple and actionable tricks about how to save on shipping cost and taking the right approach, you can save money on global shipping.

Read on our following money-saving strategies which can help you to lower your freight cost and to save your money while using international courier services:

1. Know the weight of your package

By knowing the weight of your shipping package, you can save some of your shipping costs. Be aware of your parcel’s size and weight as surpassing the limit may end up adding some extra charges for your package shipping.

You can follow the parcel size and weight guidelines to determine the approximate postage charge for your package. You can also measure and use the online calculator tool to estimate the price of your parcel.

2. Choose the slower shipping option

If you are looking for a cost-efficient shipping option, then go for delayed shipping instead of fast courier delivery. It means that the quicker shipping option you choose, the more expensive your shipping costs will be.

Always try to have a ship date each month and set a required delivery date. In doing so, you can keep your transport cost lower by allowing time while delivering your goods using air or ocean freight. That said plan your shipping in advance and take advantage of competitive freight costs.

3. Be wise while packaging

If you are smart enough with the packaging of your goods, you can save up to a significant amount of your international shipping costs. And with efficient packaging, you can cut down the weight as well the leftover space that the parcel occupies on during the air or sea freight shipping.

Following are some of the packaging ideas you can apply:

  • Buy boxes and packaging materials in a bulk amount rather than buying small pieces. This buying strategy is a money-saving option for you as you can negotiate with the seller and keep your price lower.
  • Try to avoid opting for overboard although going for this is considered a safe-conduct option for your delivery but it ultimately will result in doubling the weight and size of your parcel.
  • While selecting packaging materials, think of using lightweight materials (e.g. airbags) as possible. Also, ensure that the box size fits your goods, leaving no wasted space.
  • Another approach to reducing your cost is to use the provided packaging by your transport provider. The carriers maintain standard sizing in their packaging that can eliminate the costs of using an expensive custom box.

4. Consider using electronic trade documentation

Use electronic trade documentation wherever possible. It lessens paper consumption as well as reduce your printing costs and money. While choosing carrier check if they allow documentation electronically as well as process customs papers for their customers or not.

5. Look for the right fulfillment center and warehouse

If you are looking for buying a bulk amount of overseas goods from international shopping sites, first you need to review the import process. Then you can take fulfillment warehouse service- time and cost-efficient option- which works on handling, packing and delivering your products from a local base.

A fulfillment center, a third-party logistics (3PL) provider works best if you want to dramatically reduce your shipping time and cost (e.g. labor for staff). Find the closest fulfillment center in your destination area.

6. Negotiate with multiple carriers

Each logistics service provider has their pricing list, and it varies amongst various logistics companies. Following to the volumes, the shipping price changes from one to another carrier. There are numerous carriers, and you can choose the best one that is suitable for the shipping of your goods.

It does not matter what kind of business you are running, even if you run a small business you can compare prices, negotiate and persuade your carrier to lower your freight cost if you are planning to ship a large number of packages.

7. Select the most budget-friendly shipping options

There is an ample number of carriers available these days, but not all of them offers budget-friendly courier services. If you are considering an economical shipping option, you can follow the following tricks, and save money on your international freight costs:

  • Rather than opting a global carrier, you may consider choosing a carrier with regional expertise because they understand the custom’s process well. Sometimes they have access to low cost and excellent quality service, which can help you reduce your shipping costs.
  • Never consider going with expensive international shipping rates, as there are plenty of better options, which may suit best in your shipping budget. Invest your little time examining the shipping rates that the carriers are offering. Compare, interpret and choose the best cost-efficient international courier services for your global shipping.

Find out the best way out of these cost-saving options and make the best use in your international shipping according to your shipping needs. Also, be considerate while choosing and implementing the best option that can lead to reducing a significant amount of your cost while shipping your goods in other countries.

Emma Sneddon, a freelance writer and an independent blogger. She is a polymath who mostly writes about sustainable and alternative living solutions. She likes to write in the most effective ways to drive new sales and revenue for local business. You can check her out on Twitter: @EmmaSneddon90

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