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By Gaurav Singh

Web design trends keep on evolving in a fast pace. Some trends are followed for many years and still influence the market much. New introductions also contribute the web-design market much. This article puts light on 9 web design trends that rules and will rule 2017-2018. Go through these trends and adapt them in your upcoming web designs. If you are a professional website designer then this article is for sure a boon helping you in coming up with powerful website designs that follows the most powerful trends ruling 2017-2018.

9 Web design trends ruling 2017-2018 are:

  • Mobile first approach
  • Responsive design
  • Grid experiments
  • Usage of prototyping tools
  • Bold color experiments
  • Micro-interactions
  • Optimized Interstitial anxiety
  • Overlapping depth elements
  • 360 videos

Mobile first approach

This is a design approach in which contents are designed for the smaller screens like mobiles first and then the design is upgraded to incorporate more features for the larger screens. This is the best method is the best to be followed as it helps in reducing the possibilities of errors as smaller screens are more error-prone. Designing sites giving highest priority to smaller screens aids in reducing the fault-rate much during the initial phase itself.

Responsive design

Responsive design means designing in such a way that the same webpage and contents get loaded in differently sized screens properly without any issues. Now a day people use mobiles more than laptop and other larger screen devices. The same demands the pages being adaptive to screens of all sizes without any damage for the proper representation of contents.

Grid experiments

Grids are used much now a day as this helps in arranging various elements properly in a page. A visitor of your webpage can view various options present in the grids and can click the one he want to view. This leads him or her to the content (that he/shewishes to watch)easily saving much research time. Many experiments are carried out with the grid layout and positive responses are gathered from audience for the same. You can also experiment new ideas using the grid layout and gather more knowledge on the same.

Usage of prototyping tools

Prototyping tools help in viewing the entire-look of your site before even embedding codes in it. This helps you in getting a clear picture about the effectiveness of your design. Evaluate your design as an audience and make changes wherever necessary. No need of worrying anymore about changing the underlying code for each design-change. Let the coding team work on your design only once you finish work and are completely confident on the same.

Bold color experiments

Bold colors were not used much before but now its usage is quite trending. Many websites are available for an internet visitor and it is highly important to grab their attention as soon as possible in such scenarios. Your website can do the same by using bold colors. Do not use bold colors much but experiment the usage of it in various rates and understand the results. Note down the results and design in future based on the positive results acquired.


Micro-interactions can be increased by the usage of more interactive elements in your webpage. Usage of smaller devices like mobile demands the usage of micro-interactions. Hence make sure to include micro interactive elements in your page as much as possible to make the life of your web-page visitors easy. The same drags more visitors to your site and increases the productivity of your pages.

Optimized Interstitial anxiety

Transition elements are used to optimize interstitial anxiety. Not aware about optimized interstitial anxiety? It is the anxiety that a visitor feel momentarily after clicking something on your website and waits for the response. Transition elements – like preview of the next page during the loading time – help in optimizing the interstitial anxiety much.

Overlapping depth elements

Overlapping depth elements are the best method to increase the originality of the content. This can be done by overlapping elements that differ much in color. Shadows also help in increasing the original feel of contents. This technology also helps in increasing the clarity of contents.

360 videos

360 videos are one among the most popular technologies used in grabbing attention of web users. They are scoring high in the current digital market and are adapted much. The viewer feel much exited using the 360 video for exploring views from various angles.

Study the above 9 highly followed trends and adapt those suiting your instincts. Make sure that you do not blindly follow the trend but put your heart in each of it and find what exactly makes you feel happy. Experiment those trends in your upcoming work and make your website the reflection of your soul. Believe it or not; the uniqueness derived through it helps a lot!

Gaurav Singh is a Web Design Professional with stakes in Webprofits.in & Dial4Trade.com, an acclaimed Web Designing & Development Company, headquartered in India. He also happens to be a keen writer, sharing insights, tips, and tutorials on subjects related to the ever evolving landscape of Web Designing and Development. He maintains a blog.