By Maria Valdez Haubrich

Oh boy, here we are. How did it get to be the holidays—ALREADY? Not only do you need to figure to figure out what you’re giving to your family and friends for the holidays, as a small business owner, you need to figure out what you’re giving to your employees and clients. Although corporate gift giving has faced a bit of a setback in the last couple years due to the recession, the thoughtful corporate gift is making a comeback for 2010. What’s everyone buying? According to CNBC, gifts range from traditional to a bit modern. Here’s their take on what’s hot in corporate gift giving:

Traditional gifts: Food and beverage items always reach an emotional level as gifts, especially when the gifts are gourmet items such as wine, fine chocolate or gourmet foods. Also popular for the client you want to make remember you after the holidays are gift of the month clubs like wine or cheese clubs.

Office gifts: Giving practical gifts for the office like paperweights, organizers or desk gadgets will keep your company in the client’s front of mind—especially if you have your company name on the gift. Also consider customizable options like desk calendars, laptop cases and other personal premiums.

Go Green: Eco-friendly gifts send the message your company cares about the environment. Think plants, gifts made from recycled goods or solar powered gifts.

Tickets and gift cards: According to CNBC, tickets to sporting events and concerts are still popular, but so are gift cards to restaurants or activities such as wine tasting or spa days. If you want to show the season is about giving to charities, you can also give gift cards from, an organization where gift card receivers can go online and apply the donation to whichever charity they choose.