Video advertising is one of the most effective ways of advertising today because it increases sales for brands daily. 

Video Advertisement has been proven to more reception from over 3.8 billion social media users worldwide. 

Video has a way of appealing to the human brain. It grabs the attention of potential customers with audio and visual display thereby making it easy to connect with people through storytelling. 

Videos attract people to products and services by igniting the emotions of people and through this, lots of messages are passed across in the shortest possible time.

Native Video Advertising

Native Video Advertising is the cautious integration of ads into existing contents so that they do not look like ads to increase brands awareness. 

Native Video Advertising differs from the other forms of video advertisement such as banner ads, display ads or pre-roll ads because a user can choose to keep on scrolling through a particular page the person is reading and ignoring the ad. 

This is because it plays automatically, without sound unless it is clicked which prevents it from disrupting the users browsing experience. 

While the others like pre-roll tries to prevent the user from seeing the content the person is trying to read so the person is forced to watch the video in order to proceed, which most people find annoying and it makes them use ad blocking options.

Examples of Native Video Advertising Online

The most popular native Video advertising networks are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and others.

  • Sponsored Post

Facebook and Instagram are known for promoting Native Video Advertisements in the form of Sponsored Social Media post on their platforms to help their users know that it’s a paid ad.

  • Hashtags

It’s a way Twitter uses hashtags to engage viewers and promote brands.

  • Promoted listing/Paid search

This is referred to as native advertising because it doesn’t change the user interface, the only way of spotting it is the sponsored label attached to it on the page.

  • Influencers Content

Social media influencers like YouTubers are often paid by brands to promote their products. This usually fits into the influencers tutorials online.

  • Online Publications

 It is usually attached to an online Publications in the form of an ad link such as the learn more link. Google often utilizes this form of native ads.

How to Discover Native Video Advertising on social media

What makes Native Video Advertising so unique is its subtleness. It’s the ability to blend in with other social media contents. So a brand must take measures to include their hashtags such as #sponsored or #ad to avoid the viewers misinterpreting the message and to make it easier for people to notice it.

Why is Native Video  Advertising more Preferred in Today’s World

It is easily visible compared to pre-roll or banner ads, it aims at targeting a specific audience, it’s more compelling and less annoying to the viewers because it doesn’t disrupt the viewer. 

It is easily shareable to other pages of social media like Facebook’s Sponsored post.

Native advertising stock photo by ESB Professional/Shutterstock