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In recent years, many small businesses have introduced delivery services. With various delivery options available, companies are able to maintain a high level of service resulting in more satisfied customers. The shift in the market has meant customers have come to expect a fast, reliable delivery service, however. Whether you’re running an e-commerce, or brick and mortar establishment, you need to keep up with the competition. There are unfortunately several challenges that come with implementing delivery services such as minimizing late deliveries and anticipating problems along the way. Route planning software helps businesses to do this.

What is route planning software?

Routing software enables businesses to plan the most efficient route for delivery. It’s cloud-based and includes many tools and features such as GPS, voice recognition, and performance-based analytics. Route planning software also updates in real-time, according to any issues that may cause delays such as weather, traffic, or new destinations. Routes are rescheduled according to time and cost automatically, and the drivers and route manager are both notified.

How can routing software help business owners to fight with late deliveries?

Late deliveries can be detrimental to a company’s reputation. Customers have come to expect a certain level of service and may leave negative reviews if a delivery is late, or reconsider using the same service again. Route planning software improves efficiency and productivity. It helps to minimize the risk of late deliveries by effectively planning the best routes according to real-time data. The best routes aren’t always necessarily the shortest by distance, and routing software will analyze all the possible factors that could contribute to a delay.

Routing software is constantly reassessing delivery routes and will even change the order of deliveries to ensure they are on time. It’s based on an algorithm and machine learning technology that is used to find the optimum route based on various information such as traffic, driver schedules, customer stop times, and any other factors that affect delivery timings. It’s cloud-based and route information can be accessed at all times by drivers.

What are the biggest problems in the delivery industry which can be solved through route planning and optimization?

 One of the biggest challenges in the delivery industry for many businesses is the rise in demand. Route planning software allows many businesses to cope with a higher number of deliveries. Along with an increase in orders, companies are also offering a wider range of delivery options. In order to keep up with the competition, companies offer home delivery, next day delivery, collection services, and delivery to a secure location or lockers. Routing software helps businesses meet customer’s needs by managing all types of delivery in one journey.

Another new trend in the delivery industry is that customers expect real-time notifications and accurate arrival times. Routing software has features that enable instant communication and with route optimization, businesses can offer tighter delivery windows, and stick to them. Both the driver and customer have increased visibility of the shipment’s progress from dispatch to delivery. With alerts and updated delivery times, route optimization software enables businesses to meet this requirement for real-time reporting.

How can a route planner help you avoid delivery mistakes?

Delivery businesses face challenges on a daily basis and a route planner can help to avoid common mistakes. Routing planner can be integrated with your e-commerce platform, for example, to take data directly. This minimizes errors with the address and will flag any that appear incorrect. Planning is more accurate and efficient and customers are kept informed of any issues in real-time.

One of the most important features of route planning software is that it is constantly monitoring performance in order to improve your service. This includes monitoring KPIs, driver performance, vehicle maintenance, and fuel efficiency. It’s possible to track drivers and vehicles at all times to ensure both safety and quality of service.


If you’re wondering what is route planning and how it could be useful for your business, consider the challenges delivery drivers face. The roads are always unpredictable are there are plenty of factors that could cause delays or errors. Consumers nowadays have come to expect a certain level of service that includes accurate delivery times, real-time communication, and punctuality.

Your competitors are offering efficient and reliable delivery services thanks to route planning software, so it’s time to catch up. Route planning can help your business stand out above the rest and cope with the rise in demand. You’ll be able to provide a better service, resulting in more satisfied customers.

Vardan Markosyan is the CEO at Less Platform. He spent decades of research and consultancy on business process optimization and system design.

Route planning stock photo by MNBB Studio/Shutterstock