A Tag Heuer Connected is the smartwatch that every watch enthusiast in the world would love to own. Not only does it ooze quality, but also functionality, class and style. You may say that it’s no different from other smartwatches because it serves the same purpose. However, it’s about how the Tag Heuer Connected functions – and how you feel while rocking it – that makes the difference.

Although this smartwatch operates Google’s Android Wear Operating System and provides the same kinds of features as other Android Wear devices, it is a very different program to its predecessors, because, at its core, the Tag Heuer is a smartwatch that looks like a watch.

A bit of its history

Tag Heuer Connected was first announced at Baselworld in March of 2015 when its CEO – the leading watchmaker of the French luxury group Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH’s) – announced collaboration with Intel and Google. The alliance promised a new watch or “The most luxurious Android Wear watch in the globe” as they put it.

Design and materials

Tag Heuer Connected got its design inspiration from the Carrera Heuer 01 timepiece. Its case is crafted from Grade 2 titanium, which explains why it’s incredibly light in weight, very strong and resistant to corrosion. It also has a non-stop on the screen that displays a classic TAG Heuer Carrera dial. But once you touch it, it avails the digital options. The smartwatch comes with a rubber strap in varying colors – though the default color is black.


TAG Heuer Connected comes with default apps preinstalled, including RaceChrono ProInsiders, Golfshot or ViewRangers. If you’ve never heard or used any of this, don’t fret. You can still download the apps you are used to on Google Play Store.

The watch works with both Android and iPhone powered devices – an incredible feature considering the range of mobile devices now in circulation. It has a circular shape with a sapphire crystal and a touch-screen that works in conjunction with a digital crown to give you full control of functions.

The Connected has a longer battery life that can last up to 26 hours, after which you’ll recharge it with a contact charger that slides around the watch’s back. The 410mAh Li-lo together with Intel’s power CPU gives the Connected a longer battery life – which is more than what most Android smartwatches, or even Apple Watch offers.

Dial options

There are three different dial options for the TAG Heuer Connected – Chronograph, Watch and Twin-Time, each having its own color options – Pearl white, Deep Blue and Black respectively. The watchmakers have put in a lot of effort to make the dial appear “real” including adding a shadow-effect below the hands. And as stated above, the dial is visible throughout, even when the watch is in ambient power-saver mode.

Swiss label

It’s said that 80% or more of Swiss watch value comes from the “Swiss Made” label – this must be as true as the Tag Heuer has the Swiss Engineered mark applied to the Connected. But although the watch is assembled in Swiss, its parts aren’t made in Swiss.

Photo courtesy: Tag Heuer