Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more consumers are shopping online. That means increased opportunities for e-commerce business owners. So, what are the hot e-commerce niches right now?

HubSpot recently took a look at what products are selling well online. Here’s some of what they found.

Let’s start with the fact that more people are currently working from home right now. And according to a recent survey by Gartner about 74% of companies will keep at least some of their workforce remote even after the pandemic has subsided.

If you’re looking for startup ideas, think about what all those home-based workers need—that’s where the niches lie. I have spent hours and hours looking for a portable, adjustable table I can use in my living room for my laptop. I’m sure I’m not the only person on the hunt for what HubSpot calls “non-technological home office necessities,” such as desks, ergonomic office chairs, laptop tables, small shelves, file cabinets, file folders, pens, etc.

Some people who work at home are lucky enough to have a home office, while others grab space where they can, so they’re seeking these types of accessories in different sizes.

HubSpot points out that gyms remain closed in many cities, causing a demand for home fitness equipment. While there’s likely a need for the larger pieces of equipment, like treadmills, think about the space-saving equipment stuck-at-home consumers would use, such as weights, resistance bands, Bosu balls, etc.

Other hot sellers are board games, arts & crafts supplies, jigsaw puzzles and video games. Before you choose your niche, make sure you can find a steady source of goods. You’ll need a diverse supply chain, comprised of several different suppliers in various locations.

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