Track what consumers care about via Pinterest

By Rieva Lesonsky

Pinterest is posting its monthly trends offering lots of insights for small business owners. Here are a few:

Concrete and Cement

I think I’m mentioned before that I’m a big fan of watching HGTV, so I’ve seen how popular concrete has become. Pinterest says both concrete and cement (which is an ingredient in concrete) are trending. Searches are up 494% year-over-year (YoY) for “sleek, modern concrete houses—interiors as well as exteriors.” Other popular concrete and cement products being searched include: cement planters (up 88%), do-it-yourself cement crafts (up 269%) and rustic, but luxurious outdoor baths (up 285%).

Tip from Pinterest: While cement is an ingredient in concrete, Pinners tend to use the two words interchangeably when searching for that industrial look. Include keywords for both ‘concrete’ and ‘cement’  in your campaigns to lay a solid foundation.

Cowboy Life

Apparently, there’s such a thing as “rodeo season” and we’re in the midst of it in the Northern Hemisphere. Pinterest says this has resulted in increased searches for the cowboy aesthetic (up 160%), campfire cooking (up 55% YoY), western boots outfit (up 90% YoY) and cowboy art (up 120% YoY).

Eating al fresco

One of the benefits of living in Southern California is you can eat outdoors year-round. Popular searches include: jalapeño poppers recipes (up 767% YoY), rhubarb desserts (up 226% YoY),  Mexican-style Elote corn (up 63% YoY) and lavender lemonade (up 180% YoY).

Tip from Pinterest: If you’re in the food/beverage or entertainment industry, Pinterest suggests you add finger foods like Jalapeño poppers and Mexican street corn to spice up your menus, end-of-summer barbecues and events.


August is traditionally a popular month for vacations. Even if you’re not in the travel business, you may be selling products people like to take with them on trips, so if you sell books, beauty supplies, accessories like wraps, pashminas, sarongs, beach towels, etc. make sure you do a marketing push. On Pinterest consumers are searching for Panama straw hats (up 278% YoY) and minimalist straw hats (up 62% YoY).

Pinterest offers an Audience insights tool to give you access to more Pinterest trends.


Cowboy art stock photo by Kangas/Shutterstock