By Rieva Lesonsky

Just in time for Halloween, virtual business phone provider eVoice has released the results of their survey asking what is the scariest business issue small business owners face going into 2013. According to the 50-state survey, the scariest issue is finding new customers and keeping existing ones.

The survey, which was sent by email to select current eVoice customers and visitors to eVoice’s website, also reveals what small businesses owners are thinking about when it comes to staying connected with their customers, their technology preferences and their forecasts for the upcoming holiday season.

When it comes to keeping connected, more than one in three of the survey respondents indicated that their biggest fear is missing an important call from a customer. The value of that lost call was rated scarier than appearing unprofessional (29 percent), not having contact information handy to make a call (15 percent) or forgetting the details of an important call (14 percent). The fear is well-founded, as more than one in three respondents (38 percent) indicated that missing a call has cost them a customer.

Also worth mentioning, 35 percent of respondents indicated that hands-free dialing and answering is the most important phone feature needed while driving, followed by professional and personalized voice greetings (25 percent), automated answering and call routing (16 percent), call recording (13 percent), and call screening (11 percent).

Other interesting findings: 72 percent of respondents reported operating at least one-quarter of their business in the cloud, and 39 percent of respondents prefer email or voicemail as a method of communication.

See the entire survey here and check out the infographic below from eVoice.