By Maria Valdez Haubrich

One of my all-time favorite movies is the 1991 comedy City Slickers starring Billy Crystal. One of the characters, played by Daniel Stern, has a horrible marriage, and his friends tell him he gets to have a do-over—that is, start over.  I always like that line and have wanted do-overs several times in my life, both in my personal life and in my small business.

I kind of see New Years as a do-over, and every year I re-evaluate what I was proud of in the past year and the areas where I need a do-over. So today, on the first day of 2013, I thought I’d share a few of mine:

Proud of: I’m still learning and want to learn more. Every day it seems like I learn something new about myself, my business and a new skill that will help me improve both.

Do-Over: Spending too much time stressing about the little things and putting off focusing on the big stuff. Sometimes the big stuff is overwhelming and looks too daunting to even start, but when you actually start, it wasn’t as difficult as it seemed.

Proud of: I have great people skills, even though in this world of only talking through email and social media, being pleasant and tactful can sometimes fall by the wayside.

Do-Over: Call in the experts! Many times I tried to figure out everything on my own, when I could have easily asked for help and saved a lot of time and headaches.

What are some of your do-overs for the year? We asked the question on our Facebook page and here’s how some of our fans responded:

  • To work smarter and more efficiently, not longer hours
  • Blog at least twice per week. Start a membership-based website. Speak at 3 events/conferences about social media. Write two more e-books. Get better at Google+
  • Make a huge pile of money by providing excellent service and offering quality products

Sounds great, guys! And good luck to all of you in your 2013 endeavors. We’re here if you need any help!