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By Kimberly Maceda

Marketers have a penchant for coming up with strategies to acquire new customers. In their heads, more customers are better for business. However, another way any marketer can look at the situation is, the more loyal customers, the better it is for the business. What use is it if a business cannot retain the customers they already have.

Customer retention strategies actually cost less, can help boost profitability by up to 95% and it is easier to sell to an existing customer versus new customers. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Now, one way to help you maintain customers is through email campaigns.

Some people rely on email marketing automation software to establish loyalty by continuously being in touch with your leads and sending out important information about the business. And they are on the right track.

Email marketing is considered to be the most effective marketing channel that can provide a whopping 4400%  return on investment. Maximize this channel by sending out these retention emails today.

Solidifying Brand Loyalty

Loyal customers tend to increase their purchases for up to 67% more than new customers. Put effort into letting current customers know more about your brand – may it be about new products, new service or community events.

By sending out such campaigns, customers are made known of the brand’s activities which can trigger more interest and further increase their loyalty to your business. It is important to keep the communication strong and consistent so as not to lose touch with your current database. 

Engaging with Repeat Customers

The longer a customer sticks around your business, the more likely they will have a higher profit  potential than new customers. After making the first purchase, a customer is 27% more likely to buy from you again. This figure increases as they avail of your product or service again and again.

Engaging with these repeat customers is a crucial aspect of the sales funnel. But how? Keep them interested in your business. Reward them for their loyalty by sending out email campaigns from your email marketing automation software that’s all about exclusive sale or other repeat customer privileges.



Rewarding Referrals

Repeat customers not only provides more profit because they’ll avail of your service again but because they are more likely to attract new customers to your business after some time. Make it worth their while by rewarding them for any referrals they might have.

Most businesses do this online by providing a unique customer code. Everytime that customer attracts someone new to your business, all the new customer has to do is plug in the repeat customer’s unique code and the reward can be instantaneous. You might not deem this as important but your repeat customers may enjoy this little perk which can lead to satisfaction. And as American Business Author and Professor Michael LeBoeuf said, A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

Listening to Feedback

Good customer service is one great way to maintain customers loyal and happy with your business. One important aspect of it is listening to feedback. It is important to know what your customers think about you and what they can say about your business.

There are a number of ways you can get this – personal messages on your social media pages, comments on blog posts or content you’ve uploaded or directly soliciting from your current database. It is important you hear them out as 52% of people who have experienced poor customer service leave the business for another.

Try not to get it to a point that the damage is irreparable. Listen and be proactive.

Keeping the Community Alive

Keep customers interested and involved in your business by sending out email campaigns about the latest news and events that the business has done or will be conducting. Community events are a great way to engage with your customers and build relationships with them – both of which are key factors to retain customers.

80% of marketers believe that events are part of the success of any business. Why? Because you get to meet with customers face-to-face and interact with them on a personal level. How can you ensure people know about your community events? Through email campaigns sent out via your email marketing automation software, of course!

Liven up the execution with a catchy subject and draw attention to the email with a good mix of color, message and content. Play around with the elements and really draw them to your activities.

Wrap Up

Customer retention emails play a big part in increasing profit, attracting new customers and further solidifying the relationship any business has with its customers. It’s a strategy that you have to execute well for it to be advantageous to you. Play around with the templates of your email marketing automation software so you can send out email campaigns that are diverse, creative and attention-grabbing.

Kimberly Maceda is a Content Writer for ActiveTrail. She writes for some top online marketing sites and blogging advice on email marketing and marketing automation. Activetrail is a leading provider of professional-grade email marketing and automation software for growing businesses.