With clothes and shoes, the one-size-fits-all approach does not work for all individuals as their sizes vary from one another. Also, the listed sizes of clothes differ from one online store to the other. As a result, shoppers find it challenging to choose clothes of the right size.

Buyers do not get to take a trial of the items on online stores. To address the problem of sizing, shoppers try out Omnichannel solutions such as the Fit finder app. Together with a size chart, these solutions, to a large extent, help an individual find out the right solution.

If you are new to a footwear or apparel size chart, you might not know its details. Also, you might want to know why most buyers place importance on it and the best practices to create it. Read on to know more about it in detail.

What Is A Size Chart?

A size chart is a document that showcases the available range of sizes of a brand’s apparel or shoes. It can be thought of as a handy document useful for shoppers to get the right-sized clothing according to their choice and preferences. For apparel, though, it enlists four important details: height, hip, waist, and bust. By doing so, it helps the shoppers of normal and plus size costumes alike.

To choose the right size, an individual needs to know the right measurements. Besides, they also need to consider the material used in their clothing. Going through the positive and critical reviews of a product also helps determine the right size of the cloth.

The importance of a size chart stems from several reasons, including its assistance in helping buyers find the right size of clothes. Read on to know more about the reasons for its importance in detail.

Why Are Online Size Charts So Important?

Online size charts are more important for eCommerce stores than other entities. There is a straightforward reason for it. With a size chart, an eCommerce store can give the right impression to buyers regarding the size of clothes.

When you shop at an online store, you do not have the option of a trial wherein you can try the clothes and find out whether it fits you before making the purchase. It’s only when you get the parcel delivered at home, you can give the apparels a try. Thus, a size chart is imperative to fledge the customers from playing the purchase and exchange game.

From a business standpoint, it can help minimize the possibility of returns.

Plus, several other reasons also highlight the importance of size charts, as given below.

Detailed Information About A Product

For a moment, consider what happens at an offline store. You pay a visit to it, choose your preferred apparel, and try them. After performing these steps, you get to choose a product that is your ideal fit.

However, the option of taking a trial before buying a product is not available in online stores. So, you rely on the information about products to choose an item. This is precisely where a size guide can play a critical role. By acting as a guide, it can help you make an informed choice based on your sizing requirements. This way, it also makes it less likely for you to think about returning a product.

A Solution To The Varying Sizes Of Brands

In the past, the products of clothing brands used to be of standard sizes. But these days, the size of a product from a brand may not match the same product from another brand.

For this reason, most buyers find it challenging to choose their preferred product in online stores. They look for ways to get off on the right foot while doing it. The size chart of a brand can be of great help to them in this regard.

Minimum Rate Of Returns

Returns of products are part and parcel of online shopping. It is not a coincidence for most buyers as they generally buy multiple products with the size factor in mind. They keep the clothes that fit well and return those that do not constitute an ideal fit.

Size charts of brands prove to be of great assistance to both buyers and eCommerce stores alike. They enable buyers to put their money only on products that correspond to their needs. This minimizes the chances of the returns of products which translates into more sales and profitable return on investment (RoI) for eCommerce stores.

Best Practices For Creating Size Charts

Now that you know that creating a size chart is of paramount importance, you need to take the right steps towards preparing it.

Here are some best practices to conclude this task:

Choose an appropriate plugin

Keep the information specific to your brand

Refrain from adding extra details of products that aren’t necessary

Ensure better visibility of product sizes

Enlist the size of apparel based on gender

Pay meticulous attention to images


The performance of a WooCommerce store plays a critical role in its success. By adding a product chart, you can list the details of your products to help your customers make an informed decision. From the business standpoint, it can help your WooCommerce store customize the products and bring in more business by retaining the existing customers and drawing new ones.

Efrat Vulfsons is the Co-Founder of PR Soprano and a data-driven marketing enthusiast, parallel to her soprano opera singing career. Efrat holds a B.F.A from the Jerusalem Music Academy in Opera Performance.

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