For an efficient global effect, ensure comprehensive localization. Localization testing services is one of the most important factors for the SDLC (software development lifecycle) of your mobile or web app. It is a sub-category of the software testing cycle that is performed to verify the quality and integrity of the content in a specific region or culture. It is important to understand that this testing process is never carried out on the global or generic version of the product, instead, it is always performed on the localized version of the product. Localization testing verifies the integrity of the app and ensures that it is capable enough to perform in the chosen region with their local language vocabulary, currency format, date & time format for that specific region only.

For a better understanding let’s take the case of a travel app that has been developed in an English speaking country and is performing as well, but in its Chinese, French and Russian versions the text translations or the timezone is giving incorrect results, Localization testing services checks for all such complexities and errors arising due to linguistic and cultural differences.

Common localization problems that websites face

Linguistic issues are some of the most frequently occurring issues that pop up on websites with global coverage. These issues mainly refer to translation errors. It may happen that the written content of your product may not be grammatically correct or it may have missed the cultural reference while adapting to the context. The written content represents the brand image and its crucial for it to offer the value the brand deserves, and thus it needs to be thoroughly evaluated for the best user experience.

Formatting issues also have a negative impact on your user base, which means if the UI of your website or environment is not displaying the contacts, numbers or addresses properly it may repel your users.

It happens sometimes that the button of a particular section in a website is in native development language while the reference to the context is in the translated language, and after translating the button’s text it just not fits, this is a visual issue.

How does localization testing services help?

With comprehensive localization testing services, companies make their products adaptable to a specific region so that it caters to the requirements of the local people. These services resolve issues such as localization of code page, string manipulation, text input acceptance, functionality of the menus and more.

One must understand that localization testing services is not only related to textual errors but also covers a plethora of other aforementioned functionality issues. By leveraging offshore and unbiased software testing vendors at this point you can match your users’ expectations and make your website intuitive and technically accessible.

Advantages of independent localization testing vendors

Leveraging an independent localization testing vendor with a stable market reputation ensures that your website is grammatically correct irrespective of the number of languages it has been adapted to; linguistically to technically. Outsourcing these services also means that your product gets tested on the latest version of the platforms, browsers and operating systems along with correct local language and regional settings.

With offshore testing partners, you also get the facility of leveraging the experience of native speakers, writers, developers and testers who belong to the exact target market. They also ensure that your product is tested for the tiniest local details,that often get skipped by the global ones, such as linguistic rules, functional issues and the overall layout. Apart from those mentioned above, you even get comprehensive services for:

Document Localization–This helps in eliminating the local offensive texts, colours, marked symbols, any political biases etc. to ensure that your content is fully compatible with the culture of your local audience.

Linguistic Testing–This helps you attain a flawless language script ready to be published on the localized version of your mobile or web app. This ensures a unique user experience and makes your product acceptable and accessible for all.

Cosmetic Testing Services–Cosmetic changes ensure that your GUI is completely aligned, free of truncation and has zero multi layout issues. It effectively fixes the cosmetic bugs and other related errors.


Comprehensive localization testing services from outsourced testing vendors ensure that your project is technically sound and is ready to take off at all levels. Their expertise helps in testing your website, mobile app or software and make them achieve better results and an increased ROI.

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