So, you’re just starting your new brand and you want to make a dramatic online presence.

If you want to make this work, I’m about to warn you about the trap almost every start-up falls into when they approach digital marketing.

Digital marketing might seem remarkably simple at first glance. You might be tempted to take this on yourself to save costs, perfectly understandable if you’re bootstrapping.

Another common and half-hearted approach involves hiring a social media intern to start churning out blog posts in the hope of improving your site’s ranking in the SERPs.

If this is your strategy, please sit up and take note of what I’ve got to tell you.

While DIY digital marketing might be commonplace for start-ups, you are unlikely to achieve the success you would if you follow the approach I’m going to explain to you today.

If you want to aggressively grow your new business with digital marketing, you’ll need a broader skill set than the ability to whip up a serviceable blog post or fire off a long-form Facebook post.

Digital marketing strategy requires specialist knowledge, deep expertise, and strategic thinking.

Think about it. A writer writes and a web designer creates websites, so why use an intern to create your business strategy? If you want digital growth, you need a digital growth specialist with a solid track record. Well, you do if you want to achieve better results than you’re likely to generate going it alone.

What Is A Digital Growth Expert?

Digital growth is fundamentally concerned with maxing out your online presence. Creating a website is merely the beginning.

To ensure your website gets visitors and to drive sales, you should consider a strategy involving SEO, paid advertising, content marketing, and social media marketing. You need to continuously monitor key metrics and make changes as the data indicates.

Ask yourself this: does this sound like the type of strategy you could confidently implement?

If not, this is where a digital growth expert comes in.

You might be thinking, “But I already know about these things.”

Sure, you might have read a few blogs and watched some YouTube videos, but have you tried to grow a website in real life before?

Probably not.

When you outsource this project to a digital growth expert, you’re paying for them to apply the knowledge and experience you are lacking. This means you avoid wasting time and money on making mistakes yourself when you could just follow the advice of a hardened specialist.

Still not convinced?

Read on…

Why Use a Digital Growth Expert?

To round out, I’ll summarize three reasons why you should offload growth marketing to the experts:

  • Growth Marketing is Full-Time
  • You’ll Get More Reliable Results
  • You Can Focus On What You Need To Do

Growth Marketing is Full-Time

If you decide to define your marketing strategy, create a plan, do the SEO, and dive deep into the data yourself, this will eat up most of your time.

So, you could waste countless hours trying to figure out how to use the Google Analytics dashboard, or you could skip the experimentation and hand it over to a professional.

If you want your online presence to grow, this needs 100% focus. If you want your business to succeed in overall terms, this also needs total focus. You can’t do two jobs at the same time. Outsourcing digital marketing means you can concentrate on making your new business thrive.

You’ll Get More Reliable Results

If you outsource your digital marketing to someone who can formulate the best strategy for your startup and business sector, you can hit the ground running.

Digital growth experts grow start-ups across many different business sectors, so they’ll know the best strategy for your area of expertise.

Outsourcing means you’re hiring someone with the know-how to put on the right path from the outset. This is not a case of delegating work you don’t want to do. It’s a simple case of using a professional service to achieve a specialized goal, almost always more fruitful than trying to do it yourself.

You Can Focus On What You Need To Do

When you start a new business you have plenty on your plate. You’ve got suppliers and customers to keep happy. There are hopefully orders to fulfill and new product development to consider. You also have the constant issue of staff recruitment to deal with.

If you try marketing your company as well, you’ll be neglecting your core competency only to undertake a project that’s far beyond your comfort zone. This just doesn’t make sense.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget that growth marketing is a multi-faceted set of skills honed over time. Digital growth experts already know what works and what doesn’t work. Outsourcing your digital growth will not only get you up to speed quicker, it’ll give you the edge over other potential start-ups trying to feel their way through the dark.

Delegation is smart business sense. Successful entrepreneurs don’t endlessly puzzle over things that they can’t do. They outsource these jobs so they can focus on what they do best. Don’t shortchange yourself by trying to do everything yourself.

Ryan Jackson is an owner at Jackson Digital, a digital marketing agency based in California. Ryan brings years of expertise in, emerging search engine optimization tactics, inbound marketing, and lead generation. He graduated from Arizona State University where he found his passion for helping people and his love for marketing. You can follow him on twitter @RyanJacksonR

Digital marketing stock photo by Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock