time tracking

Good time management is of high significance for every company considering time is one of the most important business growth metrics. It is possible to effectively manage time by making wise choices regarding how time is being spent by everyone in the company. 

One such choice is making use of a time tracking software for routinely monitoring employee work productivity. Its core functionality is to keep a record of hours being spent on an assigned task by an employee. It helps employees to be highly productive by shedding light on any possible negative work habits that may be causing an obstacle in the overall work flow of the company. 

With more and more employers encouraging their staff to work remotely, it becomes vital to maintain their time records with the help of a time tracking software for smoother execution of processes. Let’s look at the importance of time tracking for managing remote teams: 

Provides accurate details

A time tracking software provides real-time details of business hours being utilized by an employee. This is highly accurate as compared to the manual login process and removes any chances of distortion of information. Having accurate time records also helps you review which projects are more profitable than others. You can then easily make changes in deadlines to allocate high-priority projects.

Without time tracking, it becomes problematic to bill clients since there is no record of how many hours a remote employee has worked on a particular project. You may end up charging wrongly leading to a huge loss of money and resources, apart from loss of reputation. 

Better project management

Managing multiple project timelines and assigning tasks to employees working remotely can become difficult without proper allocation of time and resources. With time tracking in place, it becomes easy to monitor employee work progress and determine how close they are to finishing their part in a particular project. This helps managers in spotting any delays and making all necessary changes to ensure all projects are running smoothly on time. 

Detailed time reports generated by a time tracking software help you understand if work being accomplished by the employees is aligning with the prefixed work deadlines. This saves project deliveries from getting pushed because of any inefficiencies in the management of projects.

Increases work productivity

It is possible for employees to get stuck while trying to work on an issue and end up wasting a lot of valuable work time. It is also possible that they may not be able to figure out how to accomplish a task because of lack of coordination with other team members working remotely. Recording and analyzing detailed time logs of employees helps you understand if any such situation is arising and tasks can be then assigned in a more efficient way. 

Time tracking also helps employees to stay more focused since they are more alert about their time being monitored. It also highlights any unnecessary activities leading to time being misused. This makes employees feel more responsible and highly increases their productivity levels.

Helps in reviewing employee performances

Another benefit of time tracking is the ability to measure the output of work done by remote teams. It helps employers to decide if the employees assigned to a particular project are able to do justice to it. 

Time tracking helps managers review individual employee capabilities based on their work performance. It’s useful too, for the remote team members to see how they are contributing to a project and can highlight any issues they may need to work on. 

In a nutshell, employee time and performance tracking is essential to monitor an employee’s productivity. It provides valuable insight about their work patterns and helps employers in understanding what changes to make to ensure work efficiency.

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