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By Jeffrey Nelson

We have compiled a list of five great tips for women running small businesses. These tips will help you create a lasting business that you will love to run each and every day.

The world belongs to the brave. Taking the bold step to run your own business is commendable and challenging. Navigating the challenges successfully will prepare you for more challenges.

But these challenges come with great rewards. For some business owners, the challenges are part of the fun, and that’s the position you need to be in.

In this article, the goal is to touch on different things than the “traditional” business tips. These tips are about ways to create a great business that you love, not simply make some extra money on the side. It is to create something that will last.

From the challenge of creating a work/life balance, to being a role model for other women, to overcoming stereotypes and criticisms, a woman’s role in business is in many ways harder.

These five tips are based on the success stories of many woman business operators and will certainly help you get yours.

1. Find a Mentor

The victory is always won first on paper. With the right mentor and group of advisors, it is easier to accomplish more and get it done faster and better than one would alone.

The rate of women running their own business in Australia has increased by nearly 50 percent in the past two decades, with over 90 per cent of them running small businesses. From this pool there are dozens of women working in all fields willing to offer advice, support and encouragement.

If you don’t know anyone, there are various mentorship programs run by the government, individuals and institutions across the country.

2. Follow Your Passion

When you love your job, even the challenges will inspire you. It won’t be about making a profit or making ends meet, but doing what you love with 100 percent commitment.

Focusing on your strengths will enable you do effortlessly what others struggle to. Before you know it, you’ll be one of the best in your field and you’ll never have to worry about profit, as your excellence will speak for you.

One person focusing on something they are great at can be more successful than a big company with different divisions and no specialty.

3. Focus on Innovation

Innovation is the new sexy. Without it a business quickly becomes obsolete in this ever-changing world.

Don’t be afraid of trying new things. If they fail, learn from your mistakes and try again. Innovation has become a key driver of sustainability, with the most innovative businesses constantly staying ahead of the pack.

Hire staff that will always strive to challenge the status quo, who use criticism as fire for success and keep on chugging.

4. Fuse Your Business and Personal Life Together

Women who own businesses typically do it for the freedom. You want to be able to accomplish all the things you need to personally and professionally. But who said they have to contradict?

There is a higher level of life satisfaction with female entrepreneurs than male entrepreneurs. The ability to do what you love as a matter of personal preference, and to get your loved ones involved (think kids, not overbearing aunts) brings greater satisfaction.

The beauty of brands such as Mary Kay and their ability to empower so many is the blend it makes with business and personal. Even more so, it gives you time to spend with your family and yourself.

5. Follow Through with Your Plans

Don’t give up. Don’t give the naysayers the satisfaction. You have as much right to own a business as anyone else. There will be many challenges, but you have to keep going.

This is where the presence of a mentor will make a big difference. It is unlikely that the journey will always be smooth, but there is comfort in knowing you are not the first to go through challenges and you won’t be the last to overcome them.

There is a fine line between stubbornness and persistence. If an idea isn’t working, innovate and course-correct.

Go the Distance

The role of women in business is constantly growing, but there is still a long way to go. It is vital for every woman running a small business (or a big one), to find a network of supporters that will provide vital information and inspiration.

Though there are other tools that will help you become successful, such as marketing techniques, tips on gaining access to credit and writing an amazing business plan, a good mentor will ensure these things get covered.

As you carry on with your business and follow these tips, there will be only one thing left for you to do: share your success story.

Jeffrey Nelson is an entrepreneur and business professional who has a passion for helping people find their niche in life. He currently writes for several websites and has his own dedicated to helping people find ways to work from home.