your site

By Kara Masterson

A website is the digital face of a business, so it makes sense that customers judge a business based on its face. At the moment, about 70 percent of customers find it hard to trust a site that looks dated or is not designed well. The following are four points to help you spruce up your site.

Create Relationships

Those who have not thought about adding a blog to their website should definitely consider it. Online users love to learn and will appreciate your site if you teach them how to do things or offer site-specific tips that can help them one way or another. It is important to hire a writer, or make sure you contract a content writing firm that can provide original content regularly. Readers are going to notice updates, and this will help them trust you.

Another important way to create relationships with your customer base is to be sure that your website is accessible to a wide demographic. Optimizing your site for mobile devices is an important way to do just that, since the vast majority of sites already get more visitors from mobile devices than desktops. If you haven’t already taken this step for your website it should be high on your priority list.

Interaction Boost

Online users love to be treated well, and you can do this on your site. Sure, you may not be able to greet visitors in the same way you would greet them in your business, but it is still possible. For one, you can add a Chat Now tool that lets you or anyone on your team receive a message from an online visitor so that you can respond instantly. This is a great way to show your visitors that you are there for them.

You can also use social media tools or add a page where online users can review your business. The online recommendation or review is trusted by visitors more than you might think. It might also be a good idea to respond to comments or even concerns. Visitors might learn how you deal with customers and learn to trust you based on how you care for clients.

Aesthetics Matters

The overall look of your website also matters. Believe it or not, the design of a site can look outdated rather quickly if you do not keep up with updates. Things get worse if your design is not mobile-friendly. You should consider the different smart devices used today.

You might also want to consider cleaning up the look of your site. Online users do not like sites that are too busy. What you want to do is have your designer create a clean look that utilizes a lot of negative space. Try to cut down on the information on your page. You can also look into what competitors are doing on their website, and take a few ideas from them. Working with an enterprise web design company can be an easy way to get your site updated quickly and efficiently.

Media Updates

People love media, which is probably why many companies invest in videos or photographic propaganda to help their business. You want to make sure that your media is helping, too. There are a few things to consider like the quality of your media. Good media is highly valued while noticeably bad media could make your brand look bad.

You want to create photographic and video for your business through professionals means. Make sure that each video produced looks well and sounds crisp. You also want to hire models and actors to make sure that photos or videos are professional. Sure, some of this might cost you more than you thought you were going to pay, but visitors will appreciate it.

These are just four points that will help make sure that your business website looks professional enough for today’s online users. Be sure to keep up with your updates because things have a way of changing within a few years.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys tennis and spending time with her family.