By Alastair Brian

YouTube is becoming a mainstream video sharing network that is helping brands to maximize their reach by creating innovative, creative and compelling content for their audiences. The videos are regarded as the most effective medium of communicating a corporate message. Gone are the days when users tend to read a whole lot of articles that were written for dodging the search engines for higher rankings.

The art of video making is not limited to entertainment industry alone. The latest video sharing platforms have made it a mandatory promotional tool for brands, marketers, and advertisers. If you have ever experienced buying a product online, you can relate to the fact that along with the description and key features, a media gallery is also included on the landing page. It may include images, visual tutorials, and videos for the understanding of end users.

The eCommerce websites that are either powered by PrestaShop, WooCommerce or Magento, need to provide such information to make the brands attractive and compelling. With tools like PrestaShop Media Gallery, one can easily set up add relevant images and videos directly to a brand’s landing pages and supplement the content marketing campaigns. It is among the top-notch strategies to help your potential customers understand how it looks and how it works in real life.

YouTube is facilitating the online users to grab more information about their favorite brands and manufacturers, and what’s happening around them. This is also an amazing opportunity for the content marketers to circulate content that is engaging, enticing, and meaningful. Following are few of the amazing strategies a content marketer must need to consider.

1. Develop worth sharing content

The presence of numerous social media websites has made it a hassle free job to find and curate content according to the interest of users. The content marketers are required to carry research and create concepts that make the content really impressive for the audience.

Develop worth sharing content and let it make viral to your loyal followers. A brilliant video has the power to compel users in sharing it on social media. Here are a few strategies to consider for making the content shareable.

  • Try to add keywords to the video title and description that are used in a video. You never know the exact search terms a user enter in finding a video. But, a user, most probably, searches a video by its script. So, do optimize a video with key terms spoken in a video.
  • Trigger the emotions of your target audience. The reason behind most of the viral videos is touching emotions that a common man easily relates and frequently shares to its community. It can be a moment of happiness, joy, sadness, excitement, or any social cause that penetrates deeply into their hearts.
  • Sharing information or valuable advice is also among the highest performing topics. The users will dearly share the content if they relate a personal behavior, a common misconception or social wrongdoings.
  • For producing worth sharing content, you first need to review statistics about eCommerce and social media. It will allow you to understand user behavior and the prevailing trends. A number of relevant statistics are combined in this infographic.

2. Work in-line with other YouTubers

The users are searching for entertaining videos. It is a brand strategy as how to reach them. The most impressive strategy is to work in collaboration with the established content creators. They have a loyal fan following who doesn’t miss a single vine. They have a million of subscribers who actively watch their videos, share them on social profiles and praising it through comments. So, contacting them to endorse a brand, product or service is an effective solution for reaching to the masses.

The YouTube users are quite sure when their favorite celebrity endorses a brand. So, the endorsement has to be clear and meaningful. You need to inform the readers about the co-working creation. It will allow the users to recognize the brand and thanks the creators for not shattering their trust.

Finding individuals or a group of YouTubers is difficult when you need to reach a specific region. For example, most of the channels have viewership across the globe, which may promote a brand to an irrelevant audience. So, it is better to find the influencers who are reaching out a community your brands belong to.

Working in partnership with prominent YouTube content creators is a rewarding solution because each creator’s channel is recognized a brand itself. They have spent years in securing a huge fan following through consistent content creation, advertising, events and other promotional campaigns. You avail the favor of their endless efforts with collaboration. Promoting your products through these influencers would simply mean endorsing by a brand.

3. Be honest and authentic

The technology has allowed every user to easily interact with a brand and know them in person. It is the time that brands can turn to be authentic for a stronger customer base. Back in the days, contacting a manufacturing concern or their representatives was impossible, but now they can feel more attached to informative and useful videos. Stay honest and authentic with your audience, and they would like to become ardent followers soon.

  • Try to quote and honor the experts, influencers, and professionals of your industry. It can make your brand trustworthy.
  • Sharing real life stories count your authenticity among the followers as they relate the same experiences from their real life.
  • Mentioning the brand at the beginning or the end of a video conveys the background of your company and the viewers easily understands the context.

Content marketing is all about creating top of the line content that focuses on a specific community and delivers a message effectively. YouTube has become a powerful platform for promoting brands, products, and service through visual content that do not annoy the users.

The advertising agencies have been making videos about products and showing them between TV serials, shows, movies and dramas, but people switch to another channel as soon as the ads are displayed. They are high in quality, but the pure promotion restricts users from watching these ads.

So, YouTube content marketing came up with a brilliant solution for producing and sharing videos that are appealing to the viewers and promotional for the brands. With the above-discussed tips and strategies, we have tried to help you plan a powerful content marketing plan that earns you true followers and not mere spectators.


Alastair Brian is a professional blogger with a sound grip on addressing eCommerce problems with their possible solutions. He is working with FMEModules, which specializes in developing interactive modules and appealing themes. Apart from web development, the company has also got expertise in PrestaShop ecommerce Development. To Hire PrestaShop Consultant for quick insights, follow him on TwitterLinkedIn.