YouTube videos are integrated into Google search results since it is the part of the Google universe (Alphabet Inc.). There is a pretty good chance it is a YouTube video even though Facebook is fighting back if you watch videos on Facebook.

You will find YouTube videos everywhere. No matter how popular Facebook Live is, no matter how trendy Snapchat is, no matter how viral Instagram stories go, YouTube is not shrinking.

The following is the YouTube SEO checklist if you think it matters for your E-commerce business:

  • Find an interesting/popular topic
  • Make a video around it
  • Include the keyword in the heading/description
  • Promote it

In the details, you are sure to find the devil.

Gear up as we will now be covering the action points that can help you rank on YouTube.

1. YouTube Keyword Research

If you want to rank, keyword research should be your first stop like any other search engine. And, why not!

The trend of YouTube is only growing as around 62% of the businesses are using this platform. If you know how to use it, your e-commerce business has lots of opportunities with YouTube.

  • Visit Another Channel

You should ensure that you are visiting another channel that is in the same niche as yours and is popular. Look for the one that you wish to create content around and sort their videos by “Most Popular.”

2. Search Intent Optimized High Retention Video

The amount of your video that people are watching is what Audience Retention is. So, why is it so important? Let’s check out with YouTube in itself:

If people are watching your videos all the way through consistently, there are chances that your videos will be ranking higher to place them simply. But, do you know the way to it? You need to identify the user search intent simply.

The following are the main agenda for YouTube:

  • Make it easy for people to find the relevant videos that they look for to satisfy user search intent.
  • Higher chances for them to click on ads for maximizing their time on YouTube/Video.

YouTube itself promotes your videos so, how do you go about with the creation of such a video satisfying these two goals? The following are the five vital ranking factors for all kind of video:

  • Start Strong
  • Touch up problem statement & proposal offered
  • Technical Video Optimization
  • Video length
  • Promotion Metrics

3. On-Page Video Optimization

Do you wish to gather maximum value from your YouTube videos?

Aim more on your target keyword!! Your video can be automatically transcribed by YouTube.

To understand the video in a much better way, speaking aloud your target keywords will help YouTube. You can also try out the following 3 On-Page YouTube video SEO optimization besides this:

  • Title

It is the best choice to include your target keyword, which should of 5-word long title. It will further fine-tune it with the placement of the target keyword at the start of your title.

  • Description

To know what the video is all about, SEO-optimized descriptions can assist the search engines to be it YouTube or Google, to better understand. The ranking of the video is helped a lot through this.

  • Tags

In the suggestion bar, the video tags can help your video to come up. Your chances will be improved significantly by optimizing them. It is the variations that are mainly enough for video tags that use your target keyword.

4. In-Video Optimization

It is probably best to further fine-tune your videos for increased user experience and increased retention now that you have created the video around your target keywords and further optimized it.

The following are the 3 things that can help you in this:

  • YouTube Cards
  • End Screens
  • Transcripts / Closed Captions

5. Video Promotion

It will all be a waste if no one is watching your videos as you can easily optimize endlessly and analyze every metric. In terms of promoting your videos, you need to go big on them. The more push it will gain in search rankings as more and more people watch and engage with it with more traffic your video gets.

So, how do you promote your videos optimally?

  • Use Quora

To promote your videos, question-answer sites offer a very good and simple engagement medium.

  • Email Marketing

To mention the video and ask for shares and likes, send out an email newsletter to all of your contacts.

  • Embed in your Blog Posts/Social Media

You can have your YouTube videos embedded in your relevant Blog Posts.

  • Leverage Playlists

As playlists keep running continuously, it is a great option. Related to the common topic, make 3-4 videos and include them all into your channel as a single playlist.

6. Post-Publishing Optimization

You cannot make edits to the actual video once it is published on YouTube, unlike a blog post. Learn what the world best with your audiences and try to replicate those in all your videos; it is the best you can do for yourself.

So, how can you do that? The following are the things that you should be keen on.

  • Audience Retention
  • Search Intent

Final Thoughts

The technical part of YouTube SEO is very straightforward to think of it. So, how do you satisfy their intent is the game-changer here, and how do you keep your users engaged?

You will get the complete scenario on how to go about optimizing your videos on YouTube is what we have shared in this post today. If you want to build your personal brand, it can do a lot for your business to lead generations and ensure that you are leading the pack.

Dilip Tiwari is an SEO Expert at Universal Stream Solution. Universal Stream Solution is a web development company in Atlanta. That helps startups to enterprise companies in mobile & web technology.

YouTube SEO stock photo by S_E/Shutterstock