mobile app

By Chris Belew

So, you’ve made the decision to get a mobile app. That’s great! Whether you were swayed by the recent round of stunning mobile commerce stats or simply recognized the tremendous amount of functionality that an app can provide, you’ve laid the groundwork for a top-tier mobile presence!

But remember: an app is still just a tool.

The steps you take now will determine whether your app multiplies the efficacy of your marketing efforts or just sits gathering dust. Incorporate these strategies and you’ll have a fantastic mobile presence geared towards long-term success!

Include Exceptional Mobile Content

This most basic of first steps is also crucial. Your mobile audience is looking for two things from your app: ease of use and exclusivity. Good mobile content establishes both so your audience will love to use your app. While specific content obviously depends on your customer base, you’ll want to make sure that you include content that can only be found through your app (exclusivity) and make sure that it is easily digestible by being concise and including lots of attractive images (ease of use).

Establish a Push Notification Schedule

When it comes to mobile apps, push notifications are your ace in the hole. They offer tremendous advantages, including open and tap through rates that dwarf emails. In order to get the most out of your push notifications, you need to make sure that they are frequent and high quality. Again, think exclusivity here. You should be sending a push notification at least once a week promoting new products, events, insider news on your business, and the like. Oh, and push notifications open up one more thing that will make your app a winner…

Send Amazing Mobile Deals

In addition to serving as an ideal customer engagement tool, push notifications open up unparalleled direct sales opportunities. You can send deals right to your customers’ home screens and direct customers right into your store with one tap. In addition to quickly driving up revenue, sending exclusive deals will also encourage your customers to recommend your app to their friends, thus increasing your audience. In order to encourage this kind of growth, ensure that all of your push deals offer exceptional value.

These tips will get you well on your way to an exciting mobile presence that customers will love. Mobile apps are still new territory, but as long as you are attentive you can generate a ridiculous ROI from your app!

Chris Belew is the CEO of Apptive, a mobile commerce app platform that makes it easy and affordable to create stunning, high-impact mobile commerce apps that leverage the power of leading ecommerce solutions. Follow Apptive at @Apptive.