sales contests

Want to incentivize your sales team? Here are 10 ways how:

  • Leverage Team Competition: Games/incentives which use teams and get players (reps) pushing and relying on each other, are far more effective than individual-based contests.
  • Create Multiple Ways to Win: When you only have one way to win the incentive, inevitably, players fall behind or out of contention.  Create multiple paths to win and achieve success to keep the team engaged longer.
  • Hit the Reset Button Every 30-60 Days: We found that most companies run sales contests or incentives for 1-2 months at a time.  This allows them to hit the reset button in between as well as change the structure, metrics, prizes etc. to keep things fresh.
  • Incorporate Activity Metrics as well as Results: Don’t just measure results; then your traditional top-performers will win most of the time.  Incorporate ways to compete/win based on activity and behavior metrics.
  • You Don’t Have to Break the Bank with Prizes: Companies can have just as much success with creative (and low cost) prizes compared to high-priced items or cash.  Some examples include trophies, the ability to pie your CEO in the face, an extra day off, dinner with your manager, etc.
  • Update Results Frequently: The more often you update the results from your contest, the more engaged your reps will be.  Better yet, tie the contest directly to your CRM or call center management system so the results update automatically!
  • Make Results Highly Visible: Ensure that the contest results and updates are front and center!  Send out regular notifications and display leaderboards throughout the office; ideally on TV screens.
  • Hold a Proper Kickoff: Don’t just launch the contest through an email blast.   Get everyone together in a room or through a call/web meeting and showcase the structure, prizes, etc.  Make sure there’s real excitement on Day #1.
  • Get Managers Engaged: If managers are paying attention to the contest results – they will make sure their reps are paying attention.  Find ways to engage the managers and ensure they are invested in the success of the reps.
  • Measure, Measure, Measure: The point of a sales contest or incentive is not just to have fun or increase engagement.  It’s to drive improved results and activity.  Make sure you know how you’re going to measure success so you can prove the ROI and have the ability to do it again!

FantasySalesTeam has helped hundreds of companies run higher performing sales contests over the last several years.  By examining data from their most recent 164 games, the company uncovered some very interesting trends.  Below are 10 tips for increasing results and engagement through your sales incentive programs.  You can also read the full analysis (including data) by visiting this link. Follow them at @FST_Games.