Today’s kitchen is colorful, healthy and practical.

By Rieva Lesonsky

Whether you’re a contractor, a designer or a retailer selling home décor, you need to keep up on trends in home design. Kitchens are still one of the most remodeled rooms in American homes. Here, courtesy of Décor Aid, are the top kitchen trends for 2018.

  • Colorful kitchens: Apparently all-white kitchens are so 2017. For this year, kitchens are incorporating “warm, inviting shades, such as tonal reds, bold yellows and earthy greens.”
  • Defined spaces: Homeowners are starting to reject open floor plans in favor of those with more defined spaces, particularly for kitchens.
  • Chopping stations: Instead of chopping foods on kitchen counters, homeowners are asking for dedicated chopping stations. These shorter than normal counter height spaces are often topped with marble.
  • Antibacterial countertops: Décor Aid calls this a “futuristic trend,” but expects it to be “huge” this year. These countertops are made with antibacterial materials. “Through a process called photocatalysis, Porcelanosa Grupo was able to create a countertop that not only eliminates bacteria on contact, but can also purify the air.”

Décor Aid also advises us to “keep an eye out [for] technology that helps make kitchens cleaner and more efficient. Like with most tech we’re sure this is something that is going to be huge.”