data backup, small business security

Severe weather season is here—is your small business prepared? To make sure you’re ready for a hurricane, earthquake, fire or other emergency, check out these preparation tips from Wasp Barcode Technologies.

Track Inventory: You’ve got to keep track of inventory, as it represent your future revenues. This means you must know how much you have of each item. You must also keep tabs on items lost through damage, spoilage, obsolescence, misplacement or theft.

The perpetual inventory system is one method to keep track of your inventory. For a little more: Opt for a system that integrates with your QuickBooks to quickly update your finances. Software like Inventory Control version 7 from Wasp barcode Technologies helps you increase profitability with an automated, user-friendly approach to inventory management. Inventory Control provides the ability to accurately track inventory, without the complexity and expense of a solution typically reserved for large businesses.

Back Up Data: Every company, no matter how small, has a significant amount of data, that if lost, could result in massive revenue loss, client loss or worse. Look into adding a private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructure-as-a-service option to keep your data safe.

For a little more: Implement a disaster recovery product such as Bluelock’s Recovery-as-a-Service, which allows users to recovery any data that could have been potentially lost during a disaster. Even if your company doesn’t use a public cloud, Bluelock allows to-cloud recovery options. If data is lost and no recovery plan was put into place, look into DriverSavers’ service, which offers the highest hard drive recovery success rate in the industry and can recover data from every device–from cameras to computers.

Keep Telecommunication Connected: When severe weather strikes, your employees may have to work from home. If you set up a telecommunications strategy prior to an emergency you won’t have to worry whether your staff is putting in the hours or not.

Since business can’t stop just because of Mother Nature, try a video conferencing system for face-to-face meetings. Zoom, a cloud video conferencing service, offers HD video conferencing, mobility and web meetings for multiple users across all devices. If you prefer the easy contact, look for free apps like Skype to keep employees in touch online.