Every small business needs the services of certain professionals outside of their company. Whether it’s a financial advisor or IT professional, small businesses need to have the best people on their team if they hope to be successful. Business owners should consider working with the following four professionals.

By Meghan Belnap


1. Financial Advisor

Finances aren’t the easiest thing to manage. With less than 25% of business owners that have a plan for handling their business operations after retirement, it’s quite clear that financial advisors are a present need in both small and large companies. In addition to tackling retirement-related details, working with a professional financial advisor will help business owners better manage their money, deal with cash flow problems, and plan for a better financial future.

Though some business owners may believe their budget can’t accommodate a financial advisor, this shouldn’t be the case. Even companies with the smallest of budgets will find that hiring an advisor will allow them to improve their cash flow, boost their savings, and increase their chances of financial success in the years to come.

2. Corporate Lawyer

Some business owners believe that they only need to hire a lawyer in the event of an emergency like a lawsuit, but this is far from the truth. A corporate lawyer should be in constant contact with business owners, whether or not there’s a pressing situation involved. From ensuring businesses follow rules and regulations to helping companies draft air-tight contracts, corporate lawyers are an important part of any business team.

3. IT Professional

With technology constantly changing, it’s a challenge for someone that isn’t extremely tech-savvy to handle any tech-related issues that arise. While certain problems can be solved with a quick Google search, others need the skilled hands of an expert. With an IT professional on call or on staff, businesses will be able to handle any IT issues almost immediately.

4. Project Coordinating Professional

Long-term projects can easily fall apart if they aren’t well organized or properly managed. While certain team members often agree to spearhead these projects, businesses should invest in a project coordinating professional. With the help of a coordinator, companies are able to guarantee that work for specific projects is handled efficiently, check that resources are managed effectively, and make sure all team members stay on schedule to see the project through to completion.

Build the right team for your business by finding the best professionals for the job. Keep this guide in mind as you consider the next experts to add to your team.

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