Between the morning rush, traffic and upcoming project deadlines, it can be very hard to have positive and relaxing morning commutes. What’s worse is when you get to work and feel like you can’t focus on the tasks in front of you––did you know this can be attributed to your hectic morning routine and commute? 

In fact, according to a recent survey by Car Rentals on morning commute practices, a stressful commute can contribute to mental blocks which in turn, hinder our focus and productivity. In this poll, they also found that nearly 40% of Americans aged 18-24 think about work on their way to work. Unsurprisingly, they also happen to be the age group most likely to experience road rage. 

To help you start your day on the right foot each morning, we gathered some simple practices you can implement during your commute that can not only help supercharge your brain but boost your productivity at work, as well. 

1. Say Your Goals Out Loud

Negative feedback can greatly affect our motivation. Instead of stressing over any not-so-great feedback from your boss or clients, use your commute to create clear, achievable goals for yourself and repeat them on your way to the office or before you dive into work. 

Pro tip: Use some reverse psychology on yourself and instead repeat what you don’t want to accomplish or experience. For example, “I will not take any work home this week” Focusing on what you don’t want for yourself can help you stay on task throughout the work day.

2. Find Zen Before a Presentation

Forget going over your presentation or pitch during your commute. Breathing exercises and meditation will help you center the mind the morning before a big day and calm your nerves to present with confidence and a clear head.  

3. Don’t Think About Work

Avoid reading any work emails, taking any client calls or agenda. Instead, use your commute to call your loved ones (on a hands-free device, of course). All you need is a few minutes to check in, wish them a good day or even vent if necessary.

4. Repeat an Encouraging Mantra

Motivational mantras or sayings are great to repeat during your commute. Have a list of some of your favorite inspiring quotes to start your day with a positive boost. Try choosing a few that apply to your line of work or any goals you have set for yourself.

5. Listen to a Fun Podcast

Although business-related podcasts are incredibly helpful and oftentimes motivating, try to keep your morning on a lighter mood. Add some laughter or creativity to your commute by listening to fun podcasts with interesting topics that will keep your mind off work. 

By implementing these easy yet productive practices on your way to work, you’ll be able to decompress and start your day with much more focus and mental clarity.

Janey Velasco is a Content Marketing Specialist at Siege Media. She enjoys writing on a variety of topics including career, travel and lifestyle. In her free time, you can find her making to-do lists, trying out a new coffee shop or planning her next trip.

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