Back-to-school season is here and, for many retailers, it’s a key time of year. In today’s guest post, Geoff Galat of Tealeaf  shares five best practices for mobile commerce during the back-to-school season.

During back-to-school season, online retailers are relying on heavy traffic and open wallets to meet their bottom lines. In addition to online purchases, more and more consumers are buying on-the-go via their mobile phones to check off all the items they need. It’s critical retailers are prepared to meet this demand and ensure their customers have a great experience in every channel. Boost your sales by following five best practices for mobile commerce during back-to-school season:

1.    Be Strategic – Have a mobile strategy, not just a mobile site or app. Essentially, many companies build a mobile site or app just “because” instead of crafting a true mobile strategy that aligns to how they do business and how their customers might benefit.

2.    Simplicity – Don’t try to replicate the full online experience of your ecommerce site on a mobile site or app. Instead, simplify the approach to make the most relevant functions easy to use.

3.    Be visible – You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and you can’t measure what you can’t see. Mobile changes the way the way companies can understand user behavior, success and failure.

4.    Measure impact – Understand the impact of bad experiences on your brand, on your customers’ adoption of the channel via social media, and how ratings and reviews impact rankings of your products and services.

5.    Listen – It’s essential to listen to your customers and learn from what they tell you about their experiences. This gives you the foundation to evolve your mobile site and adapt based on their feedback.

Geoff Galat is Vice President of World Wide Marketing for Tealeaf, a leader in customer experience management for online and mobile businesses.