Leads and closed deals are the lifeblood of any business.

And events are the best way to get your products and services in front of potential sales leads. So, if events are not a part of your lead generation strategy, then you are missing out on the opportunity to increase your sales and grow your business.

However, to generate high-quality leads in a single event, you will need excellent event strategies that can encourage your target customer to attend your event.

Here are 5 tips to maximizing lead generation opportunities in your next business conference events.

1. The Right Attendees

First of all, you can’t attract high-quality leads if you are attracting and inviting the wrong audience. You need to first identify who should attend your events and attract the right audience who’ll likely become your customers.

Build an ideal audience persona. A good understanding of the right audience can also help in promoting your event effectively. But more importantly, it should help define your event’s value proposition.

2. Relevant and Valuable Content

A good promotion strategy targeting your ideal audience persona will certainly fail if the content of your event does not pique their interest.

So, once you have a general idea of who your event attendees are, you can customize your content accordingly. Look at the companies, industries, seniority and roles of the people attending and ensure that our content is valuable and relevant to them.

Surely you do not want to attract a room full of managers and CEOs, then waste their time teaching tactical strategies. Think about the reasons why your audience wants to attend the event and channel this into your messaging.

You want your audience to walk away with actionable advice and make them feel like you brought value to their work lives. Getting this right should make it easier to sell your registration in the long run.

3. Simplifying Event Registration

When creating your registration process, there are 2 things to consider:

First, the experience should be easy when signing up. Pages that are not built for phones or long page loading time can cause you to lose qualified leads.

Secondly, it is important to use your registration process to collect the right data. This is a crucial balance, as each step in your registration can result in a 10 percent reduction in transactions.

4. Offering Freebies

There is no one in this world who doesn’t like free stuff. Right?

So, giving out free but also relevant stuff is always an excellent idea to capture leads. You do not have to put on a massive budget to give away free stuff. Small things such as a power bank or nice, branded pen will do.

In addition, you can also offer discount coupons for your own service or products. Your attendees will surely go home with a satisfied smile and might even spread the word about your generosity.

Plus, it does not matter if you’re not hosting the event. Even if you are just a booth at someone else’s event, when people learned that you’re distributing free stuff, they’ll be sure to stop by. Once they come, the rest is up to you on how you can engage them and get their business cards.

5. Planning Follow-Up Strategies

A nice post-event plan help nurture your event leads. So sync with your sales team to make sure that they know your potential value of your attendees.

Keep in mind that a prompt follow-up is key to providing a successful ROI from your events. To do this, your registration process needs to be integrated with your CRM for data. With real-time insight into who is attending your event, your sales team can reach out to any qualified leads without any delay.

Maxwell Donovan is writer of this article. He works in Conference production industry. His prime errand is to discover the right group of delegates for the gatherings and different business meetings. You can find him at Twitter, Facebook and this weblink.

Leads stock photo by microstock3D/Shutterstock