By Jack Dawson

The use of memes can be such a welcome relief for your tough business marketing efforts online. This is because memes help create some excitement that comes with a boost in your business and brand online presence. At the same time, these memes help you bring to the fore the human face of your business, making you approachable and warm to your potential clients.

Memes are favorite mediums of visual communications in social media. Memes represent a highly creative evolution. Memes are also rampant in other niches of the net. Teenagers frequently use these in expressing their viewpoints on different matters. Since they are this important for business marketing and growth, how do you use them for your specific business effectively? Below are some useful tips on how to use memes for business.

Your target audience

To start with, you need to understand and consider your target market. Some markets can be easily offended by sarcastic memes. It is therefore, very important to know what kind of memes are good for your niche market and your specific audience so that you can be able to employ this marketing strategy effectively.

What are the shared interests?

Secondly, you need to identify the interests, knowledge or environments that your target audience shares commonly, and whether there is anything within these areas that can make for some good joke material. Remember, memes are all about making fun of situations to drive results.

How internet savvy is your audience

You also need to find out how well versed with the use of internet your target audience is. If they are familiar with memes, your using a familiar macro could end up giving you some much deserved geek credit! You can try working with image based meme generators to create a meme that is outstanding.

What media type does your audience consume?

Is your audience the type that is always in a hurry because they are pressed for time, or is it the kind that has time to watch videos? Knowing this can help you decide the kind of memes to make for your business. It also helps you to know the kind of tools to use to create your memes. You can make macro memes for Facebook interaction, or go with video memes if your audience will appreciate this more.

Will they participate in a contest?

If your audience can participate in a contest, you can host a contest on twitter using a special hashtag (like this: #contestname). This will make it easy for your prospects and clients to enter. It will also attract other entrants to enter. This is a very clear advantage that email campaigns cannot offer. However, you should be careful that the contest does not backfire on you as some contents go way out of line.

The thing that makes memes so successful is that they incorporate humor. Humor has a way of connecting people, creating interactions that are unthought-of among your users, and allowing you to send your content beyond the social media. Some creative memes even attract the attention of the mainstream media which is good for your brand; some free advertising on TV/radio!

This said, though, be careful because the line between great humor and offensive humor is very thin. Should you cross that line, it is very easy to find yourself in a public relations nightmare.

Jack Dawson is a highly creative marketer who can always be trusted to come up with a new approach. He knows that the client’s business comes first, and he never tries to impose his ideas on others. His greatest expertise revolves in the worlds of interactive SEO, Social Media, Brand Identity Design, Content Creation and Print Collateral.