Many have been there before: after working in the same profession for years and years, they are burned out. Perhaps their work has become monotonous, with each day seemingly blurring into the next. Or, maybe their job has become too stressful and demanding, and they want a job that’s more relaxed and laid-back. Better yet, some like their jobs but are at a time in their life when they want something more. The reasons vary, but the benefit remains the same: changing careers can be extremely refreshing and rejuvenating during the midlife period in one’s life. Below are some of the best suggestions for those looking for a midlife career change:

#1: Tour Guide

Someone who loves traveling, history, and sightseeing may find their perfect fit in a second career as a tour guide. The main requirement is knowledge of a certain location and a passion for sharing information with others. Those who enjoy talking with others will feel especially reinvigorated with this profession. Even better, tour guides usually do a fair bit of walking, keeping them healthy and in shape! Some cities require a license, so doing some initial research will be important here. 

#2: Personal Trainer

Speaking of exercise, there is no better career choice for those into fitness than to become a personal trainer! Personal training finds its rewards in helping others achieve their fitness goals and ultimately become healthier. Those looking for a career with a flexible schedule would particularly enjoy this career, as many personal trainers set their own hours to meet their needs. Becoming a personal trainer usually entails completing a certificate program, though which program depends on whether individuals seek to work for a gym or themselves. 

#3: Driver

Driving: it’s a career that is always in demand. For those who love hitting the road, there are nearly endless options for a driving career. The most popular examples include working as a school or city bus driver, limo driver, truck driver, or taxi/ride-sharing driver. Drivers, particularly truck drivers, tend to make good money doing this job. Even better, driving, in general, allows drivers to see much of the world. Different driving jobs have other requirements, though most ask for a clean driving record and to be able to pass either a written, oral, or practice exam. 

#4: Receptionist

Many enjoy working in an office environment but face too much stress in their current position. On the other hand, many have worked in non-office places before and want to try working at one for a change in pace. For either option, becoming a receptionist is an excellent choice. This option is perfect for those who consider themselves well-organized, have great time-management skills, and enjoy taking on multiple tasks when required to do so. Most offices ask for candidates to have at least a high school degree. 

#5: Healthcare Analytics 

Healthcare analytics is perfect for two kinds of individuals: those with a background in healthcare or those with a background in analytics. In this profession, you’ll gather and analyze various data in the health field, including industry trends, healthcare procedures, and health treatments overall. The job demands an individual to be skilled in data and numbers. As with many jobs in the field, becoming a health analyst requires certification–with many available, including the Certificate in Healthcare Analytics program from Alliant International University. A program like this will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this exciting and rewarding field. 

#6: Teaching

Teaching is one of the most gratifying professions any individual can have. Providing education is essential to develop the next generation of successful individuals across the globe. The vast amount of subjects to teach is pretty much endless, as are the places to teach. Whether in one’s hometown or halfway across the globe, just about every location on Earth is in demand for a teacher. The most lucrative avenue to pursue is teaching English, though many programs also pay for teachers in other subjects, such as science, math, or computer education. Most companies offer training and workshops before teaching.

There are plenty of options for those looking for a midlife career change, each as compelling as the next. Changing careers is refreshing and can provide a whole new perspective on life!

Woman stock photo by Rido/Shutterstock