QR codes have reached another milestone in real estate marketing. Because of that, how can tech-savvy agents use QR codes in real estate operations?

In a study conducted by Statista, there are 11 million U.S. households that know and scanned QR codes in 2020. Because of this, the QR codes have reached another milestone in the digital marketing industry. Since QR codes can give significant changes to realtors, how did these black and checkered boxes gain their attention from the real estate industry?

QR codes and real estate – the bond between them                                                                                      

Long before QR codes come into the real estate industry, realtors struggle to sell their properties to new owners. With the need of preparing more paperwork than other business ventures, real estate agents are in need of finding new means of automating their real estate operations.

As technology evolves, a new group of realtors emerged and is classified as tech-savvy real estate agents. Since tech-savvy agents integrate the use of digital tools into marketing their properties, digital marketers introduce the use of QR codes as a way to automate their marketing process.

And as early as 2014, the QR code and real estate tandem start to circulate around real estate properties. Since that start, tech-savvy real estate agents are finding effective ways on how to use QR codes in their real estate marketing.

Real estate marketing: the techy way

In the past 6 years, QR codes are utilized by tech-savvy real estate agents to increase their sales lead and automate their advertising strategies without spending more on other resources and materials. To drive more leads in selling more properties, real estate agents can merge traditional real estate marketing with QR codes in these six following ways.

1. Merge the usual real estate marketing means with the use of modern technology.

One of the reasons why tech-savvy real estate agents can balance work and leisure is they fuse traditional marketing ways and modern technology into one campaign. The tool they can use to make this possible is through the use of QR code technology. Because of that, they can entertain more clients at their own convenience. The solutions that they can create with this merge are as follows.

Ad page QR code

The fastest way to sell properties is by posting them in business ad pages. Through this, real estate agents are able to gain more customers and inquiries. But for the tech-savvy agents, putting an ad in newspapers and brochures may not be enough to gain more inquiries. Because of that, tech-savvy agents can integrate the use of QR codes in advertising their properties in the paper. With its ability to store more information than traditional paper advertising, it can give its customers a peek of the property with its design description on its landing page.

Property location QR code

When customers want to personally view the property, they always ask their location from the realtors. But as some of them are not from the area where you are selling the property, handing out a map for them can be a hassle to them. For tech-savvy agents, one best way to give their customers direction towards the real estate property they want to see is through the use of QR codes. Since QR codes can embed data from Google maps, these realtors can embed the URL of the location of the property into the QR code.

Business card QR code

Traditional realtors hand out their business cards containing all their information in one small piece of paper. As wordy information may distract people from taking a look at their business card, tech-savvy agents make use of its electronic counterpart. But as sharing Vcards can take time, a business card QR code is can be helpful for them to hand out their minimalistic business card to their clients.

2. Embed the property visuals into your QR code

Since technology gets better over time, exhibiting a property’s visual is can be added to the internet through the use of video and image sharing platforms. Because of that, tech-savvy real estate agents are giving their customers a virtual tour of their property.

To better direct their customers to their virtual tours, they can use embed the property’s video or photos in the QR code and add them in their advertising pages. In this way, their customers will no longer need to search for the video on the internet.

3. Use a QR code in your real estate marketing campaigns

Once in a while, realtors run a real estate marketing campaign to further expand their business scope. And along with these campaigns, they are experimenting with ways on how to keep their prospects engage with them. Because of that, they are finding new technological ways on how to formulate the best marketing campaign outlet. And for tech-savvy real estate agents, the use of QR codes is one of the best tools to use.

According to QR code experts, the way they use the QR codes in real estate gives realtors a smooth way of engaging with their prospects and converting them to paying customers. By following this techy way, the real estate marketing campaign automates and entertains your prospects.

4. State some facts on why QR codes can accelerate your client’s house searches

To gain the customer’s trust, realtors should indulge them with trivia about their mode of marketing. In this way, they can keep a professional relationship with them, and as well as let them explore a modern and easy way to accelerate their house searches.

By embedding a listing of the properties they are selling into a QR code, realtors will not have to give out 5 to 6 pages of property listings to the customers. Through this, they can have a lightweight listing that fits right in their phones.

5. If Plan A fails, there is always a plan B

If one marketing campaign doesn’t go as planned, marketers are spending more to replace these fails. Because of that, they end up losing than gaining. The same thing goes with the real estate industry. To avoid spending more on content replacement, the use of dynamic QR code technology can help realtors edit and change their content without any hassle. With its ability to edit and track data for knowing the effectiveness of their marketing campaign, realtors can know if their approach works.

6. Use dynamic QR codes for greater conversion rates.

For greater conversion rates, QR code experts recommend the use of dynamic QR codes to keep track on the number of leads generated in a marketing campaign. With the use of it, realtors can keep track of the QR code engagements made by people and be able to market the property they are selling to them.


In the digital era, the traditional real estate marketing is still useful but outdated. Because of that, realtors are upgrading their real estate marketing approach. And one of the solutions that can help them is through the use of QR codes. With the help of the best QR code generator, realtors are now becoming tech-savvy and are integrating the use of technology in their current real estate marketing approach.

In a game where the improved tactics always wins, using QR codes can be the improved tactic realtors can have to win their customer’s hearts.