Does the working space affect the company and its employees? The answer is yes. It’s important to create an office design that supports the best working environment and makes employees workable and productive.

By Jake Lester

Experts agree that an ideal office must contain a variety of workplaces, meeting rooms, desks, and quiet areas. Today, we will try to consider how to create an ideal working space to increase productivity.

Office space should reflect values and support corporate culture, for example, an office that values the balance between work and personal life of employees. If your office culture puts more emphasis on teamwork, then collaborative working space must be created in your company. Similarly, the working space must inspire creativity if a creative approach is a priority for the work of your company.

So, what workspace technology to apply to increase the level of work productivity. Here are some recommendations.

  1. Facilitate movement with the help of smart tables.Smart tables with the “standing-sitting” function can increase employee productivity by 46%.Providing employees with smart tables with the function of “standing – sitting” will allow them to move more and change poses as they wish.
  2. Windows and natural light.There is a significant connection between productivity and lighting.When designing an office space, pay attention to the amount of natural light that enters the office. Natural lighting improves the quality of employees’ life.One of the ways to optimize natural light is to place tables under a light source.
  3. Indoor air quality and thermal comfort. To improve the air quality, you can apply – exhaust ventilation, natural ventilation, air conditioning, high ceilings design, the use of living plants.
  4. Thermal comfort is one of the most disputable topics. Modern high-tech furniture allows solving the problem of individual thermal control through special thermal chairs.
  5. Interior design.Some companies divide the working space into modules, some of which can be modified according to new production tasks.
  6. Another area that is closely related to the interior design is the noise problem.Good acoustics are essential if you want to create a favorable working environment.
  7. Use furniture with curved lines.Accessories and large pieces of furniture affect not only the comfort but also the relationships between employees. The team members feel united sitting at the round table.
  8. Include tools that help staff to work or to relax.If your working space is focused on personal productivity or creativity, consider adding tools such as interactive smart boards, mobile boards, charging ports and ergonomic tools for tablets and laptops.

If the office has an open space, think about providing the employees with a quiet space where they can relax and restore physical strength.

How to Organize Your Working Space Effectively

Here are some tips which will help you to organize your working space effectively. You can get to know more useful tips and recommendations from this website.

  • Get rid of excess things.This refers to everything: working papers, office supplies, and any other things that are not useful.
  • Use boxes and other storage tools.
  • Sort the files on your computer.
  • Organize additional storage space.
  • Separate the working space into zones.
  • Keep useful things nearby.

Share your rules and techniques for the proper organization of the working space. In this case, any experience is valuable and can be useful to someone.

Jake Lester knows well how to improve the working space. He shares some of his secrets which can be useful for those who are thinking about the improvement of the working space.

Office stock photo by ImageFlow/Shutterstock