The bright lights of the big cities come even to smaller towns in the form of business signs. You can’t help but look at these signs as you walk or drive around the area — especially at night. This is the ultimate goal for the owners of these signs: getting noticed.

Marketing and ads are all well and good for businesses, but missing out on an excellent advertisement opportunity would just be wrong. A well-designed sign is the simplest way to let people know what your business is about from the get-go, which is why every business should have one.

Custom business signs are cost-efficient and low maintenance and can help you personalize your business, which is important when you want to stand out from the competition and make an impression on people. Plus, according to Bakers’ Signs, a Houston sign company, “An electric sign is the least costly means of advertising available to you over the long run.”

Here are six ways investing in a custom business sign can increase sales.

1. They’re Hard to Ignore

Being so bright and bold, a custom business sign has a very small chance of going unseen by passersby. Once you have their attention, you may have their business. Several sources say it takes six or seven times for someone to see a product before they decide to buy it. A constant sign in the area someone lives is sure to be seen that many times — and more — as they go about their daily lives.

If your sign gets attention, your business will too. You’ll find yourself with a string of new customers if you invest in a custom business sign. Plus, if you play your cards right, they’ll come running back for more. Maybe they’ll even bring a friend along to see what you have on offer.

2. They Target Your Audience

Unless you’re one of those businesses that specializes in a wide variety of products, you’re probably going to have a specific target audience for your products in mind. You might go with colors, fonts or imagery you know will relate to most of the people in your audience. This will make them feel connected and more likely to buy from you.

Consumers can be very easy to sway if you do your research, so keep this in mind with your sign design.

3. It Attracts Impulse Buyers

It’s payday, or it’s Black Friday — or someone has just had a really good day. How do they celebrate any of these things? Shopping. Somewhere old, somewhere new, they have a pocket full of cash and are ready to go crazy.

Your sign catches people’s attention in a sea of stores with uninspired signage, and prompts a spontaneous visit. If they like what your store has to offer, they may even return. If not, you still utilized your custom business sign by attracting customers you wouldn’t usually get — and you may even get to revel in the profits.

4. Solidifies Your Brand

A solid brand will leave customers satisfied that you know what you’re doing. A business that knows how to represent itself is largely appealing to the picky public, swimming in a world where many don’t have that appeal.

Being branded correctly for what you’re selling is a big boost can help you maintain current sales, create new ones and keep loyal customers satisfied every time they make another satisfying on-brand purchase. A solid brand means solid word of mouth advertisement through your customer base, which is sure to boost those sales.

5. It’s Reliable

If you take care of your sign, the only time it will go out is if you switch it off or there’s a power outage. Your sign will be up all day and all night for everyone who passes by to see. It will be as reliable and steadfast as the walls of your store if you maintain it.

6. It’s Customizable

You have complete control over what your sign says and does. You could even get it to glow different colors day and night, state different things on different days and even switch to holiday colors when appropriate.

A snappy sign that’s unique to the area or goes above and beyond — doing something the other signs in the area don’t —is sure to bring in new customers who admire the work you put in or have simply been made curious by this great business sign. People want to support places they like and find themselves drawn to. Take advantage of that fact. Do whatever you can to customize your sign, with the goal of bringing potential customers in to your store and keep them returning.

Michael Zhou is a Senior VP of Business Intelligence Development and has assisted the Fortune 1000 company with expertise in the web as a whole, including ground-zero marketing efforts that benefit both consumer and vendor. He is also contributor on Esprittoday.

Business sign stock photo by rusty426/Shutterstock