By Scott Mathews

Lack of collaboration between your company’s Marketing and Sales departments can toughen your road to success. The business world is an advanced community of enterprises competing to take the lead and expand internationally; if your company lacks cooperation within, how will it resist to external critics?

The collaboration of the two departments mentioned above should lay the foundation for your future success. If marketing efforts produce positive outcomes, your sales department will be able to persuade customers into closing deals. If your customer service team acts professionally, your number of customers will increase while your marketing strategy will have to continuously improve. Here’s where the pieces of the puzzle come together.

In this article, you can find the main things your marketing team should learn from your customer service division:

  1. Forming Real Connections

Marketing campaigns can be too pushy – their sole focus is on selling the products and bringing customers in. Instead, your customer service department concentrates on making real connections and forming long-lasting relations.

This is one important concept your Sales department should work on. Their primary goal should be maintaining the existent customers happy while bringing new traffic in. Unfortunately, most Sales teams forget about the formerly presented objective. For creating better relationships, they should —

  • Constantly create new content
  • Renew the existing blog and bringing in new features
  • Helping customers trust your services
  • Employing marketing strategies that develop into stable associations with other companies or investors
  1. Being Patient

Employees working in the Sales department should polish their patience-skills. When sending out e-mails or making various calls, their attitudes should conform. They should have enough composure to wait until their marketing strategy becomes implemented and only after work on bringing more customers in. The Marketing department wants to have it all too quickly, but not surely enough.

  1. Bettering Communication Skills

Your Sales team should develop a different mindset – they should focus on enabling conversation and understating clients’ needs after a close market analysis; in the end, the only way to climb the success ladder is listening before acting. This is one quality that your Customer Service department already possesses. Their end goal is not selling, but rather explaining why your company is the right choice and best option customers have.

  1. Possessing the Proper Knowledge

It is wrong to assume your products are the best without checking your competitors. In the end, according to Economics laws, a fair marketing campaign should focus on offering customers the best experiences — maximizing utility while minimizing costs. But how can one provide high-quality products if one is not even aware of their competition’s products?

Dana Houston, CEO at WriteFreely, the online assignment writing service, shares her opinion. “Your marketers should be updated on the latest merchandise features and have genuine knowledge of your competition’s products. Otherwise, how can they develop better campaigns and provide a superior customer experience?”

  1. Making a Sales Pitch

Having a deep understanding of your customers’ complaints is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. It means you are aware of what could improve but also knowledgeable of the proficient content your company presents itself with. When making a sales pitch, you must know the insights, such as what goes wrong, what’s missing, or what could go better. That should always be your starting point.

  1. Focusing on the Higher Perspective

Your marketing team should have a holistic view of e-commerce experiences. They should be aware of the process’s rights and wrongs. If the Customer Service department shared their complex reports with the rest of your subdivisions, their work might provide a more attractive content and thus, attract a complete range of customers.

  1. Sharing Responsibility

Too many times is your Customer Service department requested to solve Q&A inquires. You’ll find the Sales department not even close to these issues. Most of the times, your marketing team disregards Q&As when designing a brand-new campaign.

That’s why is essential to split responsibility between departments – if your Sales team learned more about your clients’ reviews, they could integrate essential information in the initial product description. This would offer increased free time to your CR department, time that could be spent developing other valuable marketing abilities.

Wrapping Up

Your Marketing department should learn how to communicate efficiently, pay attention to your customers’ needs habitually, possess the proper knowledge, and focus on a higher perspective. Let your two most important departments share responsibility and enhance your branding abilities.

Scott Mathews is a professional content writer in such topics as  economics, work productivity and business relationship. Scott`s the biggest passion is blogging and travelling. He regularly takes part in different conferences and contributes his posts to different  websites. Contact him on Facebook and Twitter.

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