By Sarah Feldman

Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur? An important step is to learn from those who have already arrived there. Successful entrepreneurs know that every minute is valuable! Knowing how to start a day with positive attitudes can change your whole course. These entrepreneurs often have morning rituals that are usually unconnected with their companies, but are key to keeping them focused for the rest of the day. Want to know what magical habits these are?

Be informed

Being knowledgeable about what is happening in the world is important to these people as they can help with ideas, positions and even make decisions during their work. That’s why it’s important to find ways to do this: Reading newspapers, browsing news portals and even watching news shows are the best options in the early hours of the day.

Visualize your day

A simple practice that can improve your day is to close your eyes and visualize what you would like to see happen throughout the day. This will give you some guidance to guide you through the day and avoid distracting yourself with unimportant unforeseen. Writing a to-do list early in the day helps you plan your day. You’ll control your time better this way, because you’ll have everything in mind you need to do, not to mention that the pleasure of scratching one of the items on the list is huge. 

Put your goals on paper

In addition to the daily list, you can write one for long-term personal goals . When you come across your goals on a daily basis, you can review how much you have done to reach them. It is a good form of motivation, since the simple act of writing the dream helps in parts to materialize it. If you want, you can also add inspirational phrases you thought or saw somewhere to further boost the realization of your dreams.

Work on priority activities

Usually everyone’s day is full of activities and tasks that must be done. However, planning how these activities will be done is essential for productivity, avoiding any kind of disorganization. That’s why successful people spend their initial hours of the day to plan, creating plans and strategies to carry out their tasks and projects throughout the day. Another common practice among them is to start early the execution of activities defined as priorities, as they require more dedication. That way, they can be delivered more peacefully.

Business breakfast

Making professional meetings over breakfast is something that most successful ones usually do to gain productivity in the day. The reason for this is that in the morning the mind is usually cleaner, making meetings or project discussions are better enjoyed. Another interesting justification is that the chance of distractions occurring in the middle of these meetings in the morning is less than at lunch time, for example, which is already midday, where they happen more often.

Check and reply to emails

Many successful people prefer to check their e-mails early because of organizational issues, as they gain time to clean up their inbox and check urgent or priority demands that may have cropped up from one day to the next. By doing this, the routine can be taken more reliably, eliminating the need to clean the mailbox several times throughout the day and planning for the demands that may take longer to resolve.

Dedicate yourself to personal and important projects

The excuse of not having time for personal projects does not exist in the world for the most successful people! These entrepreneurs also take advantage of the morning time to work on this and other important projects for their personal and professional life. The great secret of all this is to make this practice a habit, because in this way the execution of these projects will flow naturally, leaving the role more realistically.

Write and thank

It may sound silly, but putting your achievements and all your objects of gratitude on a piece of paper or cell phone, tablet can help you see things from another perspective. Great businessmen as well as entrepreneurs spend few minutes in the morning doing this.

With these simple habits, it is possible to organize, animate and focus on activities that really are important. Morning allows you to start your day with “the right foot” and has the power to dictate the success of your day. Enjoy every minute!


Sarah Feldman is currently working as a Marketing Manager for Digital Express, a web development company in dubai. She loves to write about latest trends Graphics and Website Design.