By David Warren

You may have heard that some businesses have students working in part-time activities in their companies and you may have also wondered why they do that. It may sound risky to have somebody without the necessary experience working with you in your business, right? Not quite so. Keep reading, and you will find out more about it.

When a business is running, there are several tasks that are quotidian and tedious, they are still important tasks and need somebody to take care of them. This is the moment when the intern comes to the stage. An internship gives a student the opportunity to help with small tasks and meanwhile gain some experience in the working area they prefer.

There are many benefits of having interns in your company. Even though they are not completely qualified for the jobs, they can be helpful with some other small tasks and offer a helping hand to any business

Train interns from technical aspect

One area interns can be very helpful is technical work. Operating machines, following setting and mechanical patterns, organizing and managing information and some networks are activities that can be deconstructed in a series of technical steps interns can be trained for. The training will offer them an opportunity to help with tasks that required time but not necessarily expert knowledge.

Interns are future employees

When hiring students or part-time interns, you have a trial period for assessing their performance. If you are happy with the results and during the internship, the person showed valuable skills and abilities, you can offer that person a full-time job in your company. While they were interns, you had the opportunity to evaluate their effort and commitment to the company so now that they became regular employees you know who you are dealing with.

Use internship programs

Developing a program for interns can bring a variety of people to your company. These people will also bring their skills and points of view, and all this will nurture the whole structure of your business. Sometimes, as the manager, you are so immersed in the main tasks of the company that you forget to take a look to notice what is going on outside. Interns bring that to the company.

Motivate them to give fresh ideas

Many interns are very young; they are studying or have just finished their studies. Younger generations have a tendency to explore and to be more curious than older generations. This is an asset that can be exploited; ask them to participate in some brainstorming meetings and to engage with other departments of your business so that new ideas come to the table and refresh everybody’s perspective.

Retain interns

After some time working with interns, you already have an idea of how working long term with them will be like. Therefore you can already start thinking about keeping some of them for a little longer. Give them some time to get used to the environment and then start evaluating how they respond to special projects and tasks. That way, you can see how engaged they are with the values of your business and make a decision later to keep them as regular full-time employees.

Interns are inexpensive

Since most of the time, they are not working full time the salary of an intern is not something that represents a big expense for the company. The advantages of working with a few of them are more than those things that could be considered disadvantages. Most people, that claim interns are not necessary, are just scared of giving younger people the opportunity to prove themselves worthy and valuable inside a company

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