By Hannah Whittenly

Businesses have countless numbers of options when it comes to deciding what to feature online. In today’s information age, this can be one of the most important marketing decisions a business can make. The following are 8 things businesses should want highly visible online.

1. Content Is King

The currency of the internet is becoming content. How much content can you produce? How quality, creative, and engaging can it be? Internet users are online to learn, be entertained, and be fed digestible bits of information. Usually the longer a user stays engaged on your site, the more opportunities you have to advertise and sell to that user. So display blog posts, YouTube Videos, infographics, beautiful images and more on your site to retain users more. As an added bonus, quality content earns you links which boosts your ranks in major search engines like Google and Bing.

2. Awards and Licenses

Awards and licenses give your product or service a new level of credibility with your online audience that you cannot establish any other way. Establishing credibility for your company is a must, and there is no better way to do that than by showing that you are licensed and/or recognized for your trade.

A great example of this is a plumbing and heating company in Edmonton known as Academy Mechanical. You’ll notice the “Consumers’ Choice Award” displayed neatly at the focal center of their home webpage. Any award worth mentioning should be displayed on your website.

3. Contact Information

Making sure your business’s contact information is highly visible online is crucial, and often overlooked. After a customer has made the decision to do business with your company, it needs to be quick and easy to locate contact information. Include both phone numbers and e-mail addresses so that customers can reach you however they are most comfortable.

4. Quality Information

Nothing is more important than being mindful of what information you provide. Verify that your webpage answers the questions your customers will have, like what products or services do you offer, why should they choose your company, what policies do customers need to be aware of, etc.

5. Pricing Information

Providing pricing information can be a key factor that sets your business apart. If a customer can find pricing information on your competitor’s website but not on yours, chances are the competition will win because the customer doesn’t have to take an extra step to find the answers he/she was looking for.

6. Pictures of Past Work

Most viewers are more responsive when there is a visual associated with an ad or piece of information. Providing pictures of past work gives potential customers a clear idea of what your company can offer them and also standardizes expectations, which can alleviate potential issues down the road!

7. Customer Reviews

One way to garner confidence is to prominently provide client reviews from customers your business has worked with in the past. You also need to have a bold presence on the review page, responding to compliments and concerns, demonstrating care for customers’ opinions.

8. About the Company / Staff

Having information about your company and/or staff highly visible online will give your customers confidence in your business. Details such as when the company was founded, what core goals the company revolves around, and who the owner is will help clients feel more connected.

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer from Sacramento, CA. Most of the time she loves to write about business and family. She regularly interviews small business owners from around the world about their business practices, products, and services.