By Michael Zhou

Digital marketing has become king but this does not mean that traditional marketing tactics have become obsolete. While some tactics can be implemented digitally there are no replacements for others. The return on investment of tried and true marketing ideas will continue to be valuable to companies of all sizes. A diverse strategy in marketing allows a campaign to reach the largest audience possible. Sticking to only digital marketing can alienate consumers that are not glued to their devices for hours per day. Below will discuss marketing ideas that have stood the test of time and will continue to do so for years to come.


Do not underestimate the importance of good signage whether it is a small or incredibly large sign. Real estate signs do a great job of attracting eyes of homebuyers. Even with online home buying websites people can miss great homes due to the home lacking curb appeal or even being too far down on search results. A person interested in the home can have a direct line to the realtor which expedites the offer/showing process.


Potential customers and clients are not always going to have time to discuss purchasing a product/service with a salesperson. Being able to give out a brochure or sales pamphlet allows the customer to receive more information without being pushy and not respecting their time. Contact information should be on the brochure but staple a business card to it as this adds a personal touch.


A customer always wants to feel like they are receiving a bargain as well as are making the decision to purchase something instead of being sold something. The coupon empowers the buyer as they know exactly what they will be purchasing especially if the coupon is product specific. Coupons do not have to be in the paper as plenty of coupons can be found on social media as well as sites that aggregate coupons. Give the customer a reason to come into the business with the intention of spending money.

Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing still has a great return on investment for a variety of industries. This can be the perfect way to announce a special sale for a car dealership or furniture store. Restaurants also try their hand with direct mail announcing specials they will be having during a week. This can also be a way to let people know the business has opened as many people are not observant about details like this.


Radio still has great reach when it comes to marketing sales and other special events. Morning shows that have a good following of the target demographic of a business can reach more qualified potential customers than nearly any platform. TV has declined with the advent of streaming services so local commercials can be lost or eliminated. Radio personalities still have those segments that people tune into day after day on their commute to or from work.

Promotional Products

Conferences and tradeshows are synonymous with promotional products or other swag. Things like pens, sunglasses, and t-shirts can help expand a brand’s name and image at an industry event. Often times the best promotional products attract the larger crowds as everyone loves something cool for free. Free samples of products can also be considered as promotional as giving a prospect a look at what the product can do for them can lead to a sale seamlessly.

Loyalty Cards

Customers do not want to feel like they are just another number in the system. Loyalty cards can help staff recognize large spenders as well as help build customer loyalty. Loyalty cards often come with discounts associated as well as reward points that can lead to free merchandise. Customers that are close to earning something for free might purchase an item just to reach the point total to do so. Repeat business can turn a small business into a corporate leader so marketing to increase customer loyalty is extremely valuable.

Referral Marketing

Offering current customers discounts for referring new customers can be a great marketing plot. Customer happy with the products/service a small business provides can refer family, friends, and business colleagues. Getting a free month of service or a discount on a product can also help build loyalty with this customer. Those who are new to the area often times will ask where the best auto repair shop, dentist, travel agent, or other professional is locally. Customers looking to help out a fellow neighbor might mention the small business but they are sure to if promised an attractive enough of a reward for doing so.

Even though marketing focus has shifted to digital in the past few years this does not mean traditional marketing tactics cannot convert. The above idea for marketing will continue to thrive as they have worked for decades without a sign of slowing.

Michael Zhou is a Senior VP of Business Intelligence Development and has assisted the Fortune 1000 company with expertise in the web as a whole, including ground-zero marketing efforts that benefit both consumer and vendor. He is also contributor on Esprittoday.

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