By Rieva Lesonsky

  1. Personally I’m over hearing about stand-up desks. The very idea of them exhausts me—and makes my shoulders hurt. I know they work for some, but for me, it’s far more important to find a comfortable, yet ergonomic desk chair. If you’re like me, here’s some help for choosing the best desk chair.
  2. Are you decisive? I like to think I am. But I often wonder, after the fact, if I’ve made the right decision. I don’t obsess over it—I don’t like to cry over that “proverbial” spilt milk. In any case I found a lot of value from this video of Steve Blank (one of my favorite entrepreneurs and people to interview) talking about how to quickly make the right (meaning smart) decisions.
  3. Starting a social business is not much different than starting any business. It’s about smart business operations and advancing the cause. Here’s some good insight on social entrepreneurial ventures.
  4. Getting your product into a chain like Whole Foods can be the big break you were looking for. It worked for SoapBox, read how to get your foot in Whole Foods’ door.
  5. I’ve been working on several pieces about women entrepreneurs and why we don’t get outside funding (particularly from venture capitalists), and why our businesses are smaller than those owned by men. One common answer from many I’ve talked to: Get girls to study STEM, starting in grade school and continuing through high school. These top women credit STEM for their success.
  6. It’s oh-so-cool today to say, “I don’t have a business plan, but the technology is disruptive.” That’s great, but you’re not going to get funded. And that’s only one of the factors that will put the kibosh on you raising any money.
  7. “Beige is out, gray is on the rise, and for whatever reason, Australia is all about purple.” Just a few of the insights you’ll get when you take a look at this awesome “Color Trends Infographic” from Shutterstock.
  8. 100 top reports about women. Nothing else need be said.
  9. Starting a business based on something you’re intimately familiar with (like your hair) can be key to your success. These women did just that—and it seems to be working.

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“Creative Commons Office Move Around” by Elvis Ripley is licensed under CC BY 2.0